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About me:
hello everybodies =] Meh names [gotta ask haha] and im nothing to special, just another ordinary person who likes to play some video games =] Im a really good person if you get to know me. so hope you all like to play some FFR cause i sure do! woot lol, i can be a dork sometimes also x] but yea single life for me i guess, talk to me :)
I like to play video games, XBL, sing and play guitar (band myspace if you wanna listen sometime) and i just basically like to have fun cause its always good to be in a good mood or somethings like that =]
Fav Music:
I listen to anything that sounds good to me haha. Meg & Dia Pwnz
Fav Movies:
I like all types of movies and yes im not ashamed to say things like most guys, but i have beeen to plenty of chick flicks and i thought they were good! haha
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NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 10:52:11am on 7/12/12
lol its all good. (:
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 11:06:55am on 5/1/11
i remember :D
how have you been?
BethanyBangs writes...
at 9:01:34am on 4/8/11
oooo i got so much shit planned. xD
Going to San Francisco, gonna buy $300 worth of new clothes~ Going to Oregon, going to Redding. Concerts, sunsplash, arcades for ddr.
I'm sure more than that is gonna happen hehu.
What about you my love?
BethanyBangs writes...
at 8:27:40am on 4/7/11
That's good~ I can't believe it's thursday. :D We've been doing star testing in school. School ends in may :3
BethanyBangs writes...
at 6:03:07pm on 4/5/11
Oh nice. How was your day? :D
BethanyBangs writes...
at 1:35:50pm on 4/3/11
I'm wide awake, even though I woke up early. :3
What is your name btw? :D
BethanyBangs writes...
at 5:11:26pm on 3/29/11
Crazy shit happens.
BethanyBangs writes...
at 5:19:03pm on 3/17/11
School. Almost burned down the school LOL
BethanyBangs writes...
at 9:50:43pm on 3/15/11
BethanyBangs writes...
at 3:59:10pm on 3/7/11
LOLOOL idk what to say, you're cute though. :)
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