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im not the devil but i wear prada. lately, my chemical romance makes me a little brokencyde and makes me want to avenge 7 fold. even if you don't think so i beleive you should always mindlessly self indulge yourself, and never shout never. im in love with a fall out boy, his nickname is papa roach. plain white t's may not be my thing but shiny toy guns sure are. sure, i can be a carolina liar, but when i feel like it, im usualy a good charlotte. your dreams can come true if you wish on a jeffree star. i have had lots of all time lows, like giving bullets to my valentine and killing hannah. but i make up for it and take from the killers and give to the used. i am forever one of the sickest kids since i won a battle against the great foo fighters. i was knighted by the kings of leon. i always turn the bedlight on for blue byes at sixx am and sing im a secondhand serenade. sometimes i beleive i have a collective soul and a little bit too much newfound glory. and i'm also clumsy, i fall in puddles of mudd and i never seem to hit the lights. i live in the lovley town of owl city at maroon five on a skylit drive. the maine is such a lovley place to live. usually cute is what i aim for, and the only place i panic is at the disco. i dont drive a car, ride a bike, walk or take a bus. i take a cobra starship everywhere i go. my cobra starship is currently at the metro station. every day i go to linkin park on it. i have no dobuts, and a lot of newfound glory. and i will never take back sunday when im 30 seconds from mars
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I think the.pavi is..
Posted on: May 23, 2009, at 09:45:57pm   [50 comments]
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NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 8:52:18pm on 4/4/11
Pavi, your about me has gotta be the coolest thing ive ever read.
amazing bands and flows well haha.
Mrs.KatrinaCullen writes...
at 2:44:11pm on 11/30/10
hoooooollllyyyy moely... i haven't been on in like forever.. i HATE twilight now.. and i REALLY wish i could change my facking name :(
snugglez2469 writes...
at 12:50:41am on 10/20/10
theUBERsushi writes...
at 1:53:36pm on 12/19/09
lol if im reading that right
i think you are xD
hahaha but anyways :]
theUBERsushi writes...
at 2:23:43pm on 12/18/09
lol thanks thanks :]
hmmm you think you're saying it right?
Iglly writes...
at 10:54:41am on 12/18/09
Becky8 writes...
at 10:52:53pm on 12/17/09
heyy. how are you?
itachi_kitty writes...
at 5:54:44pm on 12/17/09
Yo, Thanks for thumb up back at ya XD
WTFBrandon writes...
at 3:05:46pm on 12/17/09
Your header gave me a maaaad headache!
I want one like that now D:
duddychuck@yahoo.com writes...
at 2:26:51pm on 12/17/09
LOL at first I thought it was a plastic bag xD
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