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I like ITG.
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crs9683 writes at 4:13:49pm on 1/4/14
Hi, I really like your stepcharts. I tried using the link you posted for TMP3, but it is dead. Also I am looking for TMP2 which i can't find anywhere.
vemuck writes at 5:51:55pm on 6/3/11
dude i know im tryin to lurk on it lately to bring it back to its former glory but theres no one ever in it lolol
vemuck writes at 7:00:48am on 3/20/11
dude i don't remember who you are but IM IN YOUR FUCKING SIG shit thats gotta be like 3 years old bro
WolfXhunter writes at 1:50:16am on 10/17/10
Card Man writes at 7:00:31pm on 10/18/09
Thanks for playing me in MP. I had a lot of fun. =D
jadey26 writes at 10:29:49pm on 8/22/09
lol cool cat
ffsky3 writes at 1:45:25pm on 6/22/09
ok well since you wont accept the challenge i sent you, could you at least reject it?
WolfXhunter writes at 10:45:14pm on 6/21/09
haha its toniii
Infinity. writes at 4:02:33pm on 8/10/08
ThePieManOfDeath writes at 12:14:51am on 7/2/08
Awesome avi!