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Posted on: May 11, 2007, at 10:23:45pm   [0 comments]
flashflashrevolution.com is website were you can make a profile and play the game thats most of important of all in this website. to play this game go to www.xqsite.com/FFR_the_Game.php or www.thewarewolfgame.com/FFR_the_Game.php or www.flashflashrevolution.com/FFR_the_Game.php ok now scroll down you will see loading then the game will apear then you click the arrow up and down on the top right and bottom right of the screen then you see something moving u can move it as much times as you want then click the circle that has a wierd sign on it and it will show you a couple of songs double click to play. There are more pages though just click the arrow down beside the last song in the list you see. To Be a good player you will need a few things 1) use 2 hands (Warning!: use 1 hand you will be screwed up you'll never win), for the left hand, 2 fingers on left and down. Your other hand uses 2 fingers on right and up. 2) make the screen small if u can 3) play songs that are easy to practice with your 2 hands then get the hang of it you will automaticly skip to a difficult player. Then play songs that difficulty and ur skillz will develop to higher an higher.4) If you are at least a difficult player go to MULTIPLAYER. Multiplayer is a place were you can battle other people in the world like in America, Canada, and etc. to battle someone click make a game in the bottom left corner then name your game then press OK. (Warning!: don't ever try to SPAM Spamming is something where people should not do. Spamming is like typing so many words like (w/e) and press ok then type a word very fast and click enter and again and again and again. Don't do this or you will cannot go to multiplayer or chat in anywhere in FFR for more than 24 hrs. (or you can call it BANNED!)

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