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Wassup? Call me Shabby, super, sonic, and supersonic. nothin else cause im goin to be screamin at u if u dont call me tat. i dont look normal, but i am. i laugh at the jokes tat people use to make fun of me. i dont give a shit if they make fun of me. INDEX STYLE 4 EVAR!!! i always play index style and will never stop playin index style (or at least for now). its not really index. its more of four fingered on the arrow keys. i never judge people because of the way they look, talk,or any other thing like tat. IMAFRIKINMAHLAHZAR!!! i no, im random. again, dont give a shit. i think tats somewat a good thing. i enjoy FFR a lot for some reason. i mean, i dont get how i enjoy mashing buttons so much. its just fun. same thing with SM. GH is just fun for everyone. in case u didnt notice, i luv megaman (look at my avi). also, mario, rachet and clank, and most awesome xbox 360 games rockz. i also enjoy politician jokes. in case if u didnt see, INDEX STYLE 4 EVAR!!! or should i say "FOUR FINGERED ON THE ARROW KEYS FOR EVAR!!!) i play index style (FOUR FINGERED GODDAMMIT) in a weird setup. left ring finger on left key, right index finger on down key, right middle finger on up key, and left index finger on right key. not the usual index style setup. i could rant for hours, but tats about all u need 2 no. and remember, my avi pwns to aanyones. DO NOT STEAL IT ON ANYTHING!!! thnx. bai (or at least for now) MUHAHAHAHA!!! and also, if u think im different, i dont give a shit. I WILL PAWN YOU ANY DAY!!! its a paradox every time i get a song stuck in my head. and yes, my backround is mario bros backround. PAWNED! ~Shabby
FFR (O RLY?), SM, GH, Video Games (Unreal Tornament to be exact)...
Fav Music:
Daft punk, The Flashbulb (kicks ass), cornandbeans, Envy, Goukisan, Evil-Dog, other NG artists, DJSharpnel (another kickass artist), System of a Down, Mindless Self Indulgence, S.S.H., OSTER PROJECT, Stephen Kay, Venetian snares (amazing) t+pazolite (nice, did i spell it right?), Flo Rida, Justin Timberlake, The Fray, Mysto & Pizzi, T.I., Lady GaGa, Gym Class Heroes, Kayne West, Journey, Shop Boyz, Powerglove, The Who, Effel 65...
Fav Movies:
Rocky, Daddy Day Care, 300...
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FFR is getting boring...
Posted on: May 9, 2009, at 11:47:25am   [0 comments]
i dunno why. its just that it is. instead of playing once every day, i play once every week or 2. i really have no idea why. its probably cause i have been whoring my DSi playing pokemon platinum ever since i got it.


Posted on: April 18, 2009, at 01:43:51pm   [0 comments]
holy crap, i am so bored right now. wtf am i supposed to do? right now, i am bored of FFR/SM, my DSi is right now charging cause i have been playing it so much, i got bored of unreal tornament a LONG time ago. so what am i supposed to do?


Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna
Posted on: March 15, 2009, at 01:52:00pm   [1 comment]
So thats what happened...


Credits Please?
Posted on: March 8, 2009, at 03:04:56pm   [0 comments]
can anyone donate credits to me? i want to get planet karma unloked, but with how busy my life is, at this rate im going to unlock it when im 4 years old on FFR. so can anyone donate credits to me?


SMO and other stufff...
Posted on: February 19, 2009, at 08:26:06am   [2 comments]
So i got an SMO account. in case if you don't know what that is, is stepmania online. my account is ShabbySM. if you want to play me, just tell me your username and ill tell you which room and then we will play.

So now that thats out of the way, let me tell you guys something. i feel like a dumbass. i have been for a really long time. its not a good feeling. i don't want to feel like a dumbass cause im not a dumbass. i still feel like one though. it feels weird.

Also, i need some advice. how do you play FFR/SM without loud keytaps? dont tell me that i have to get a new keyboard cause my mom wont let me, even though i have the money for it. im fine with me keyboard, but my mom says its too loud. personnaly, i think its not loud at all. i think its actually no where near loud. you know what the funny thing is? at my friends house, i was playing FFR on his loud, clunckey, keyboard. its not the best keyboard for FFR/SM, but its good enough. well, he says that its not anoyying at all, even thogh the keyboard is louder. now, that makes me pissed off. why is my mom annoyed, but he isn't? well anyway, does anyone know a way to play FFR/SM without loud keytaps, ther than getting a new keyboard?

and don't look at my replays. cause im playin all the easy songs to switch over to spread. so don't look at my replays.


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linbear4 writes...
at 10:43:58pm on 8/27/09
fastfingers34 writes...
at 10:21:17pm on 7/9/09
lol at avi!
Emotiions writes...
at 12:41:25pm on 5/31/09
Haha you always have cool avi :p
btw ..I miss youu rly bad D=
- Emotiions.
Vanilla Mnm writes...
at 12:37:43pm on 5/31/09
StyleTheBronx5 writes...
at 3:31:13pm on 5/28/09
hey whats up??
i like the avi haha ;)
133221333123111 writes...
at 8:42:22pm on 5/10/09
sry i deleted almost everyone on my list.
razorsoft writes...
at 9:10:49pm on 4/25/09
love your avi xD
Mr.Stepmaniac writes...
at 12:54:54pm on 4/23/09
there, i have added some videos from youtube
Jadoune writes...
at 11:31:04pm on 4/20/09
Haha x3
Nahhh i dont drink coffee lol xD
Jadoune writes...
at 2:33:17pm on 4/20/09
Bwahaha yup :3
Got a problem?! x3
Hehe :D
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