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I like Video Games.
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Wreck-it Ralph.
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Posted on: December 7, 2012, at 03:39:29am   [3 comments]
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TheThong writes at 12:54:53am on 10/22/14
Haha! I don't know why I'm so stuck. It bugs me. XD I can't even get past the first 10 seconds without getting random averages/goods.
TheThong writes at 12:14:33am on 10/22/14
I might let you down. :(
TheThong writes at 12:41:19am on 10/21/14
Ugh. ;^;
TheThong writes at 2:12:21am on 10/20/14
omg why. ;___________________;
TheThong writes at 1:47:49am on 10/20/14
And my computer keeps lagging. :|
TheThong writes at 1:38:20am on 10/20/14
:( The song sucks! XD
TheThong writes at 10:09:38pm on 10/12/14
TheThong writes at 7:41:19am on 10/11/14
Are you happy now?! XD
TheThong writes at 7:21:10am on 10/11/14
Aw man. I was hoping I wouldn't have had to improve it. Hahaha. I'm so flat out! Will try tonight before I sleep. zzzzz
klimtkiller writes at 1:18:12pm on 10/10/14
ok. ty anyway