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Evnoir writes at 9:31:34am on 1/13/11
Hey, another person from Burnaby :D
Automatic thumbs up.
duddychuck@yahoo.com writes at 1:01:26am on 1/13/11
How are you only .11 years on here and already have the new profile? ._.
AznDreamers writes at 4:13:46pm on 1/12/11
NocturneAunamic writes at 7:48:21am on 1/7/11
naw i mean the christmas season's coming to and end. It' not necessary anymore. thanks thou :)
NocturneAunamic writes at 12:15:25pm on 12/26/10
haha naw its not too late, if you could do it still id appreciate it, ill pay credits if you need them
Not Available writes at 6:19:25am on 12/18/10
Once upon a time, there was a tree named Clyde.
Clyde was a pine tree, and proud father two smaller pine trees. Clyde's wife, Karen, had left them when their children were just shrubs to get married and start a new family with Clyde's rebellious brother Chris.
The first two weeks of Clyde's single-father-life passed, without him showing signs of feeling any sadness at all. But when Clyde's parents decided that Chris would be the heir of the family fortune, the dam broke and Clyde secluded himself in the basement of his house. There, he plotted revenge against Chris and that whore Karen for ruining his life. He would raise his kids as assassins, coldsapped murderers, to bring down Chris and all he held dear. This was the ultimate vengeance!
NocturneAunamic writes at 2:51:23pm on 12/13/10
do you think you could pu a christmas hat on my avatar please? I'll pay creds if you need them. I just want one on the main guy in the very front.
Nurotasama writes at 10:32:27pm on 12/10/10
Get an avatar! :D
rusty_spoons writes at 7:14:35pm on 12/9/10
Thank you for the help earlier ^_^
crazykitty66 writes at 9:33:08pm on 12/8/10
Thanks for the vote back
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