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People who dont no me iam a guy who gets along with almost every 1. nice but mean some times i play video games with my friends . i think the world is sad we kill it every day .i tell people that some times ,but they dont care what i think. ... proson le just to tell you . i dont like when people ask me to be there friend if i dont no them but it is sad just to say no i dont want to be ur friend. i like to hackey sack. i live in florida right now its a little boareding nonthing good happens down here .i like new york better i miss my friends. iam not white! that was random. sack. its really fun, i play with my friends.just almost as i dont to skate boared but i would like to learn how. when i go to a cooking institute after that iam going to be a chief thats my dream is to have my own t.v. show or have a 3 or up resturante. i have alot of time on my hands on my time.but i hope you good time anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkCNJRfSZBU
iam interest in games mostlie reading comic books at vgcats.com ,and music, some things i hang out with friends. i like hackey sackimg its preaty cool and all.
Fav Music:
umm i like lots of songs that i cant remeber the name 2, i remeber that i love the vines they ride and 2 of their songs : all of there songs I LISTEN TO EVERYTHING not to sure about conutry doh. >.>
Fav Movies:
best action movie scarface, scare movie 1, 2, 3,and 4 umm white chick, leave it to beaver,stuck to you,breakfast club,the new guy, the lady killers, head of state, lord of the rings 1, 2 , and 3 umm any thing with action all james bonds movies, wolf creek, the girl next door,dmx,dmx 2, dodge ball, i think pokemon movies are ok the matrix 1 ,2 ,3, the butter fly effect , cat in the hat , inyusha 1, 2 ,3 ,4, naurto the movie i have it but i hav'it seen it, umm pirates of the caribbean,bubble boy,around the world in 80 days, star wars 1, 2, 3, rain of fire, jack ass the movie,street frighter's,big moms house, king of killers,waynes world 1 and 2 and others that i forgot the name 2 i will get back to u with that.
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Champ~show U* up reall ddr
Posted on: December 13, 2006, at 04:43:31pm   [2 comments]

Posted on: December 13, 2006, at 04:42:48pm   [0 comments]

thats what i hear untell u
release the real n kick the fake.. ite?

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NocturneAunamic writes...
at 3:18:39pm on 11/24/09
how'd you get the same score, if he's playing his own made up edit steps? but yeah....
Snook4 writes...
at 4:01:23am on 11/24/09
naw bro i just been stressed thats it but i been chillen u?
Snook4 writes...
at 6:21:12am on 11/21/09
getting my life straight or at least tryn dude
Snook4 writes...
at 5:43:34pm on 11/12/09
what up bro how u been
tashia[[is dead]] writes...
at 7:48:59pm on 11/4/09
thanks for the add, love.
angelbaby_oi writes...
at 12:59:31pm on 10/11/09
Raelene Nicole writes...
at 12:48:57pm on 10/11/09
hi lol face
Egurl91 writes...
at 6:29:07am on 10/6/09
i think not much would make sense as a response haha. im just not sure what you asked. so anyay, howsl ife?
tinpho writes...
at 5:26:21pm on 10/5/09
i am talking to my boyfriend on the phone,
howww about you x )
Egurl91 writes...
at 10:52:43pm on 10/4/09
hi. :)
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