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Bloody Mary, Kate And AshleyPunk Rock10-12-19
Crimson RiderPower Metal25-02-20
Sibling RivalryPop Punk31-03-20
Sail OnMelodic Metal27-05-20
Comment wall
Josemba writes at 7:51:03am on 10/7/19
D4 Champion Gratz!
Antori writes at 3:33:49pm on 10/5/19
congrats on winning the OT you're a god!
TD_s3b0u writes at 6:07:29am on 10/5/19
GG storn!!! <3
TD_s3b0u writes at 5:19:26am on 9/21/19
Good luck round 7 <3
snorlaxfatty writes at 9:31:12am on 9/12/19
Feelsbad. Now you're guaranteed to win the tournament.
snorlaxfatty writes at 7:59:27pm on 8/25/19
Storn you cant let me beat you in a round already. Improve that score!
_Fluttershy_ writes at 4:51:25am on 8/14/19
Hey! I just saw your thread and the scores you've achieved lately. Really impressive skillboost - keep going! Will keep an eye out for your progress through this toruney!
Andrew WCY writes at 10:08:37pm on 8/12/19
grats on promotion to D5!!
inDheart writes at 6:09:57pm on 10/23/16
twg? need one more for the turbo
Dinglesberry writes at 12:16:36pm on 10/19/16
Gimme the rare candies I need ffr levelz