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_Fluttershy_ writes at 4:51:25am on 8/14/19
Hey! I just saw your thread and the scores you've achieved lately. Really impressive skillboost - keep going! Will keep an eye out for your progress through this toruney!
Andrew WCY writes at 10:08:37pm on 8/12/19
grats on promotion to D5!!
inDheart writes at 6:09:57pm on 10/23/16
twg? need one more for the turbo
Dinglesberry writes at 12:16:36pm on 10/19/16
Gimme the rare candies I need ffr levelz
Dinglesberry writes at 7:06:01am on 9/28/16
Dawg imma throw like 5 of you in my party right.. then I'm just gonna run around u kno, get some RARE CANDIES
I'll keep one of yo ass to be my HM slave too gg
roundbox writes at 4:16:35pm on 8/3/16
thesunfan writes at 12:37:45pm on 2/15/16
funiax writes at 3:43:29am on 12/25/15
Is your avatar from uRealms? Either way, it evokes some fond memories :')
YoshL writes at 6:13:25pm on 7/17/15
hey storn, can you make sure to message kiba before you look into thread about remembering that there's a game, i don't want him to miss out and stuff, since his last activity was the 14th
drizzleRomanceGirl writes at 12:50:50am on 8/15/13
Cycle 2 Round Three has started, and you're in it! Your song is Get Ready 2 Rokk, so please submit your score by Saturday night at midnight server time! :) You can improve your score even after posting your first score, and this is encouraged! ^.^