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Not much to say, I'm a real punk, anarchist and peaceful, not the kind of redneck punks, don't know if you ever go to a metal show, there's the people who headbang, the ones that mush pit, the ones in wall of deaths and 3 kind of retard who just look like monkeys on crack, well I'm one of those...
Everything that can touch sports and arts (except painting, I suck at painting)
Fav Music:
I actually have 2 favorite bands, avenged sevenfold and dream theater, I listen to all kind of music except everything that is on radio, I listen to a lot of rap but no lil wayne, ymcmb, etc. I listen to aotp, la coka nostra, ffr made me discover tonedeff, everthing that is made by vinnie paz, that's pretty much it
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butterfly effect (the first) honest citizen top secret
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thesunfan writes at 1:13:00pm on 1/24/13
your lolo score...
If you can do that consistently, you'll go far in the official.
MrPreggers writes at 9:05:05am on 9/14/12
Hey just wanted to say good job for participating in tournaments. You'll be top tier in like a week.
xXOpkillerXx writes at 10:02:32pm on 9/6/12
dude va pour le 600 FC !! :D
chrysler writes at 1:24:51am on 8/16/11
what's the new flashplayer?? is it any good for anything else??
chrysler writes at 1:59:54pm on 8/9/11
hey what's up?? still playing the game
justynababy writes at 3:02:55pm on 6/24/11
Hello my dear.
My name is Miss Justyna Doma, It is my pleasure writing you this mail as I saw your profile today at flashflashrevolution.com and after reading it i became intrested to know you, I believe that we can be good friends partners or more in life I wish you can write an email through my email address then I can give you my pictures and tell you more about me below is my email address for further communications.
Hateandhatred writes at 12:03:44am on 6/12/11
Un jour! Là, j'vais dormir! A+ mec!
Hateandhatred writes at 12:01:45am on 6/12/11
Ahahahahahaha xD
Hateandhatred writes at 11:50:48pm on 6/11/11
Et nice pour Sherbrooke! Mais j'suis pas là cet été, je passe l'été à Québec...
Hateandhatred writes at 11:49:02pm on 6/11/11
Tu vas genre me dépasser. xD Dans les stats d'aujourd'hui!