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I like video games are a big part of my life my favorite style is this and shooter game (Shoot 'em up, Shooter Maniac, Manic shooter) n fightin game(Street fighter is my favorite) i love arcade game.
Mushroom n Make music, stepmania, DDR, FFR, Street fighter, Shoot 'em up
Fav Music:
Goa-Trance n Dark psytrance, folk music of the world n videogame music, (psy)chill out , downtempo
Fav Movies:
Psychedelic style n Terror
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Gaming Region:South America
Location:Cartagena, Colombia
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Andrew WCY writes at 11:55:08pm on 9/20/20
oh what the heck man, why didn't the markup work for me lol
Andrew WCY writes at 11:54:17pm on 9/20/20
hi from Kwai Chung, Hong Kong!
Drayk writes at 11:46:29pm on 6/14/19
(Also do you like Shpongle?)
Drayk writes at 11:45:56pm on 6/14/19
Wow your profile is amazing lmao! :D
JEZthemaster writes at 12:33:50am on 5/23/15
Trippy. lol. :)
Toxophilis writes at 8:50:33pm on 5/2/14
missiekix_06 writes at 4:58:34pm on 12/11/13
Ahh, this is late. Thanks for the vote. :)
beweress writes at 9:20:49am on 8/16/13
LOL, thx. I have some 25i-nBOMe :3
kidlet writes at 3:31:32pm on 7/26/13
especially progressive dark psy!
kidlet writes at 3:31:09pm on 7/26/13
dary psy is one of my favorites to dance and listen to <3