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About me:
I'm an Asian. Bow down to your queen.
Games like rpgs. Japanese music. Anime,
Fav Music:
Japanese music. Heavily Orchestrated music with a mixture of rock. ( I know, weird combo), songs with a strong beat or melody.
Fav Movies:
Not Frozen.
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You know. One that's not a level 1 song...
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Yulanik writes at 3:20:31am on 4/23/14
<3 yew tew~ I'd like my COOKIE pls kthx
Preg Jr writes at 5:17:58pm on 4/19/14
your so pro
Concentration writes at 12:14:19pm on 4/10/14
Howdy :)
Concentration writes at 9:20:12pm on 4/9/14
Hey :) !!!
Dave4xp writes at 10:44:37pm on 4/3/14
attack on titan is cool
Cloud_Strife15 writes at 10:41:30am on 3/8/14
Nice profile background i love attack on titan :)
Preg Jr writes at 5:43:35pm on 2/27/14
Team Frost :3
TR_NIGhTMaRE writes at 7:15:17pm on 2/17/14
Nice SnK background!1
ballet dude writes at 10:25:07pm on 11/6/13
Got your addy from the facebook group.
popsicle_3000 writes at 8:55:24pm on 3/23/13
for r^3 use judge offset of 1. it'll line up then