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tomasz333 writes...
at 7:57:06pm on 7/25/08
Of course, summer is the prime article of our youth. So long as I can say I am a teenager (and likely beyond) I will be having fun without stop, or any regard for time (I really will have to start getting use to going to sleep, then waking up the next day soon -- before school starts). Seen any movies lately? I've heard that Dark Knight is good watch, so I'll be off to see it tomorrow.
tomasz333 writes...
at 8:44:55pm on 7/16/08
Did you go to wonderland with just a season or one time pass? If it's the former then you should have half of your summer taken up (though half of it has almost passed). Looking at the crab (?) makes me wonder if it happens to be a pet of yours or if you just chose the image because the critter is awesome. Do you have any pets?
tomasz333 writes...
at 10:46:54am on 7/9/08
I'm well. Elimination was going to happen eventually. Lets just hope that by the next competition I can improve enough to be placed into a higher level again. How has your summer been so far?
tomasz333 writes...
at 6:33:28pm on 6/19/08
I'll bet the trip was fun despite the weather. I had forgotten it was the 13th until the end of the day but I've don't generally regard superstitions as anything more than ... what are they? Tools created by parents ages ago to keep children in line?
tomasz333 writes...
at 9:43:56am on 6/17/08
"The sky". Looks like you'll be off the Round 2 as well.
adam...... writes...
at 11:53:03am on 5/16/08
U havent been on in a long time
tomasz333 writes...
at 7:36:43pm on 5/13/08
I happen to have liked the state of cold which the country endured during the earlier part of the month. Heat is 'Evil'. Think about it, during the winter you can put on some clothing, but the onset of summer forces their disappearance. However, the is a limit to how much clothing you can remove (both physical and social).
tomasz333 writes...
at 9:47:18am on 4/19/08
Its not too hard to notice now if I happen to look around the area (which I rarely do since the controls are on the other side).
tomasz333 writes...
at 3:06:11pm on 4/5/08
*crosses fingers for an unnatural phenomenon resulting in snow day*
tomasz333 writes...
at 7:20:53pm on 3/29/08
IB is much easier than it seems (with the exception of chemistry). As for the service hours, they were a collaboration of alter serving, peer mentoring, soup kitchen work, and some other small things I don't remember.
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