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im a judo-tae kwon do man
ninjas girls anime food anoying ppl
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lemon demon talking heads mastodon the offspring five iron frenzy the who some music off of AMV Hell 3
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i duno
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a joke
Posted on: December 27, 2006, at 08:57:11pm   [0 comments]
so a mans father dies and he sais to the undertaker that he wants the best for his father because he himself can not make it to the feuneral

one day he gets a bill for $1600 and he pays up
the next month he gets a suplimentary bill for $85
and the next month he gets another bill for $85 so he goes to the undertaker and asks why he keeps getting an $85 bill

the undertaker says "you wanted the best for your father so... i rented him a tux..."

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SnS writes...
at 7:40:18pm on 7/6/07
Haha sweet avi
nate mdance writes...
at 2:30:27am on 5/24/07
add is the one that makes you not pay attention adhd is the one that makes you hiper and not pay attantion i know...ooh shiney button!
yellowcardluver writes...
at 4:57:58pm on 1/12/07
tanx!!! lolz...i am waitin for my boy friend so yeah i have to go now....... bye bye!!!!

yellowcardluver writes...
at 6:42:15pm on 1/10/07
woah...i'm lovin the new ava.
yellowcardluver writes...
at 11:51:01am on 8/27/06
okie kool
i guess you could say i am kinda cute....

yellowcardluver writes...
at 9:04:25am on 8/26/06
i look pretty much the exactly like my cousin.......so imagine me....
yellowcardluver writes...
at 8:21:37pm on 8/25/06
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!8 O!!!!!!!
yellowcardluver writes...
at 6:16:41am on 8/25/06
what did you write :ha-smack ,on a comment??
yellowcardluver writes...
at 5:25:35am on 8/22/06
yea i am on of your friends!!!!!!!!!!!ye ah i fell loved go me go me!!!!LOL...jk
yellowcardluver writes...
at 5:24:18pm on 8/21/06
haha what the h-e-dobble hackey sticks is it??........lol
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