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sky lee
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Location: spring field, Massachusetts, USA
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Wheeeeee!my name is SKAI MUJI >LEE<.NICK NAME-"DOLL"Ethnity-PUERTO RICAN & JAPANESE. Let's see kiddies! I like things that go BOOM!♠ spending lazy days by the pool watching people getting eaten by the Pirnaha fish I put in for giggles.lets just say that i am A classic jester suitably modified to the suit of a killer bod,[lol] striking in its simplicity and absolutely gorgeous, along with my trademark wide, sexy and sligtly sinister grin! I am a gal that is able or tending to cause annoyance, trouble, or minor injury =D irresponsibly playful ..♠ Im tiny and full of laughter.Im amusing and seeking or intended to simply amuse anything.Mostly Im different from the ordinary in a suspicious, perplexing, quaint, or eccentric way im just a GAL with a big heart!or a psychopathic clown=D ..[L.O.L]-my dream is to be a circus performer!,♠ We all know how I love to play dress-up [WELL,4 THE PLP THAT KNOW ME] and here you can see MY trueSELF to A form OF thematically in my pick's and in person lol,im insanely fun, laughs alot, smart n cute,pranker,some wat of a fighter to protect.There's comes a time when a gal wants more from life, and now all this gal wants is to settle down with her lovin' sweetheart>LOL,MY FRIENDS!♠ if your like me then....your devotion crossed the line into obsession so far back,you can't even see the line from where you're standing. And.by standing,i mean jumping up and down sining a bradway tune if u wana find out anything else hit me up right over there on comments or better yet on my myspace>----- >----- >----- peace BGIRLMOVEMENT@YAHOO.COM
magic,MY japanese culture,anime♥,Acro batics,the circus,break dancing.skate bording,skating-roller &ice.halo,ffr,myspace,you tube,my friends and icon comedy man"MIKEY DAY"♥♠i love...painting,meeting ppl ,japanese,korean rock,martial arts,music,and convers..anime,and comic books..
Fav Music:
30 seconds to mars♥ korn Girugamesh♥ tokio hotel! paramore teriaki boyz♥ foo fighters flith in the beauty likin park Phantasmagoria shikira rock pop
Fav Movies:
Ninja Assassin♥! tokyo drift!!!!!♥ kill bill I CARLY-I GO TO JAPAN naruto
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i love this song but i dont know who sings it?
Posted on: December 10, 2009, at 11:23:45pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: October 7, 2009, at 11:16:36pm   [0 comments]

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Trowaman90 writes...
at 2:52:58pm on 11/26/10
How's life been treating you! FFR IS BEAAACK! LOL
kim2302 writes...
at 8:29:51pm on 12/20/09
O__O how did ya know i likes naruto? xD lolz..o-o i like gaara and itachi...>( hand gaara over lolz
Trowaman90 writes...
at 2:18:04pm on 12/20/09
Martial art no not formally, although I'm very good at Katana fighting, me and my two older brothers and one of our friends, used to train together, me and my bro's have been doing it since I was like 7 LOL! Only back then it was wish plastic light sabers LOL!
B-Boy L-Rated writes...
at 11:22:30pm on 12/18/09
hello my sister.yes it has bin a while was up punk!
Trowaman90 writes...
at 3:53:04pm on 12/18/09
My fave weapon wasn't in the whole movie The Katana instead the Shinobito AKA Ninja Sword was in it. My fave scene was the rooftop battle, when he had his white outfit on.
BboyTHRUST.. writes...
at 6:36:16pm on 12/17/09
well sup to yah too .
Trowaman90 writes...
at 1:29:46pm on 12/16/09
Me too what's your fave scene?
Shadow0839 writes...
at 9:33:31pm on 12/14/09
lol XD
thanks but that just my c-walk not my toprock
Trowaman90 writes...
at 1:46:53pm on 12/14/09
Awesome profile Gaara is pretty cool, when he was EMO, Never seem Shippuden waiting for the more of the dub. Ninja Assassin had awesome fight scenes.
fireking550 writes...
at 9:38:58pm on 12/13/09
sei, fun game, guitar i am guessing
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