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I'm a furry that likes music and touching butts.
Gaming, sleeping, eating, going meow.
Fav Music:
Anything but rap and country.
Fav Movies:
Anything with big stars, explosions, guns, and/or an epic storyline.
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revildevil2000 writes at 10:18:43am on 12/22/11
Thanks :3 I didn't draw it just so you know. lol
dragonmegaXX writes at 11:03:27pm on 11/4/11
I added you on yahoo :o I can give you a link there if ya want or I can email it to you
dragonmegaXX writes at 3:28:27pm on 11/4/11
Lol x3
I suck at both. Im a writer myself, it's pretty fun and get a lot of praise from furs about my work....
hehehe :P
dragonmegaXX writes at 6:35:27pm on 11/3/11
Are they cool people? I've only seen a couple facebook postings and what not.
I've tried learning music production and im a senior in high school now taking music technology but I'm not having much luck lol. No idea what I'm doing.
dragonmegaXX writes at 6:55:28pm on 11/2/11
I actually got the shirt that's the purple version of my avatar on a black shirt, I just realized.
dragonmegaXX writes at 6:30:25pm on 11/2/11
Oh really? ^^ That's awesome! I actually just got one of his shirts from redbubble for a birthday present and I in love with it.
I love all the art associated with renard and squeedge yeah. He's my favorite music producer :3
AngelBlood-Love writes at 8:58:41am on 10/21/11
Hahah ok soup how interesting, xD and Oi to you too.
AngelBlood-Love writes at 1:33:10pm on 10/13/11
Hahaha i found you :P
Neon Starbeam writes at 12:31:14pm on 8/27/11
Hehe, thanks. Yours is cute ^o^
Neon Starbeam writes at 9:21:30pm on 8/25/11
I'm alright, and yourself? ^^