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My Name Is Jordan, 18 And I Live In Winnipeg, Manitoba. I Am The Shy Type Who Doesn't Talk To People And Waits For Them To Talk To Me (That Is If They Are Interested In Talking To Me). I Am Not That Smart Or Bright Either. I Tend To Forget Things Alot When Im Not Paying Attention. I Like To Play Games Most Of The Day When I Get The Chance To (Mostly On Here). Im Some What Of A Stoner. If There's Anything Else You Want To Know About Me, Just Ask.
FFR, DDR, Kingdom Hearts, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, DBZ, Friends, Swimming,Final Fantasy,Ratchet And Clank, School, Bowling, Like To Hang Out With My Friends And Play Manhunt, Swimming, Playing Games, Collecting Yugioh Cards, Sports, T.V And I Think Thats It.
Fav Music:
AlexisOnFire, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Evanescense, Three Doors Down, Nickleback, The Rasmus, Bullet For My Valentine, Alot Of The Old Songs, And Linkin Park, My All Time Favorite Band In The World.
Fav Movies:
Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Observe And Report, Zack and Miri, Transformers 1 and 2, The Dark Knight, All Marvel Movies, Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, All The Saw Movies, Resident Evil (Apocalypse, Extinction, And Degeneration), 40 Year Old Virgin, Get Smart, All Jim Carrey Movies, Scary Movie 1, 2, 3 And Not 4, Beerfest, Supertroopers, Club Dread, Sex Drive, Meet The Spartans, Old School, Waynes World 1 And 2, And Alot More Other Movies.
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joel999 writes...
at 7:42:46pm on 1/24/18
YOOOO Miss you buddy!!!
BladesOfRose writes...
at 8:30:47am on 7/20/09
DestinyRoses writes...
at 7:33:17pm on 7/19/09
Its BladesOfRose :D
halomasterman writes...
at 10:50:24pm on 7/8/09
Ur welcome bro, and thanks!
stoner_boy_420 writes...
at 2:19:11am on 6/30/09
ha its a challange!
joel999 writes...
at 11:53:13pm on 10/19/08
Aura888 writes...
at 9:10:12pm on 9/8/08
linkin park rocks
austen parker writes...
at 6:46:21pm on 8/13/08
nice avitar
joel999 writes...
at 9:55:17pm on 2/28/08
Jordan Man how Come you dont go on ffr as Much anymore?
joel999 writes...
at 10:02:48pm on 2/11/08
Hey whats up man
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