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Haha, I fail for not putting my name on this. X_X My name is Devin. I'm kind of like a cross between the person you want to hang out with and the person you wouldn't even spare a passing glance to. I have an obsession with grammar, and I hate mistakes in grammar and typos. Also, I am very shy around strangers. Oh, I always seem to have the right advice to other people's relationships, but never to my own. (Kind of like the movie Hitch) Ahaha... Y'know what's kinda sad? I had to take a break from the computer, what with all the moving and stuff going on in my life, and out of all my friends, only like 4 or 5 remember me. Like, seriously, guys?!?! I was only gone for a short amount of time! Well, technically.. 5 months of no computer does sound pretty long, doesn't it? X_x But, umm... Yeah. Open to meeting new people. Friend request me if you want, and I'll accept, regardless of who you are. I'm just nice like that. ^_^ (Also, I tend to go into detail about a topic. It gets annoying sometimes.. :/)
❤❤❤ⓈⒽⒺⓁⒷⓎ❤❤❤ Pretty much what any person likes.. art, photography, people of the opposite gender/sex, music, free running, playing guitar, and much more to come as my age progresses. Oh, a new one! Making friends. (most of my friends on here left or don't go on anymore.)
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Haha, do you REALLY want to know??? Well then... Leave a comment asking me. :P
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More into zombie movies than anything else. Oh, but the Alice In wonderland remake looks spectacular! Also, the Tron movie doesn't look too shabby, either. Wanna see them with me? ;D
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Things that rhyme with orange!
Posted on: July 26, 2009, at 06:25:19am   [0 comments]

Sunny Day- A simple song
Posted on: July 19, 2009, at 05:50:53am   [0 comments]

Posted on: May 30, 2009, at 08:51:59am   [2 comments]
Well.. I'm tired of FFR. There, I said it. It's not that I hate FFR, per se, it's just that none of my friends really go on anymore. If you want to know me a bit better, my Myspace account is more updated than my FFR profile. So, umm.. Yeah. I'll still go on FFR, just not as often as I once did. Just wanted to give you guys and gals a bit of a heads up. Ok then, that's about it. Oh, I almost forgot. I'll post up the link to my Myspace on my homepage thingie. Umm.. Yeah. Hope to talk to you a bit more on Myspace, regardless of who you are.

Farewell for now,

A Nice Song
Posted on: May 9, 2009, at 08:08:47am   [0 comments]

Posted on: April 18, 2009, at 06:56:55am   [0 comments]

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ajwill writes...
at 12:07:34pm on 3/19/11
Yo Devin, What's up bro, long time no talk. How,ve you been?
Roy565 writes...
at 5:36:00pm on 8/30/09
Haha. Nice to know.
Roy565 writes...
at 11:45:21am on 8/1/09
Yea, I know. But I have no internet right now. So you should e-mail me. <3 No, not should. HAVE TO. 'Kay? 'Kay. Googogo.
Roy565 writes...
at 11:00:31am on 8/1/09
War! <3
Kiara :3 writes...
at 8:21:35am on 7/25/09
L e e writes...
at 6:46:35am on 7/22/09
AHHHHHHH thank you>< finally somone watched it, that took forver
akatsaru writes...
at 10:02:58am on 5/16/09
awww you look CUTEE and young lol
darkheartsentwined writes...
at 3:52:05am on 5/11/09
thankies ^_^
Elite868 writes...
at 1:48:08am on 5/4/09
nothing much...i dont get on much...only to check messages and play a little
emodarkangel writes...
at 7:42:38am on 4/26/09
i got a jobb. It sucks lol overall ive been oke though. Bored as freak
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