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If you believe that you can fly, I personally encourage you to jump off of a cliff.

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Rapta writes...
at 10:18:17pm on 12/16/15
true friends stab you in the front
Lambdadelta writes...
at 10:58:09am on 10/21/15
That avatar <3
benny58624 writes...
at 4:29:36pm on 9/10/15
Instead of buying it, you can trade your Utopia for it. That way, you also get rid of a double card :)
It doesn't have to be Utopia, any tier 4 card I don't have yet is fine.
If, however, you really want to buy it with credits, I can sell it for 1200 credits.
Nega Master writes...
at 11:29:49pm on 8/12/15
People say I don't work. Well I do work. I work hard at doing nothing lol.
badman7772 writes...
at 9:20:53pm on 7/12/15
Ok check your offset on that velocity link. No decimals should be allowed.
badman7772 writes...
at 6:49:23pm on 7/12/15
I'd probably contact PrawnSkunk about the issue. I wouldn't know else to tell you. :(
badman7772 writes...
at 5:50:49pm on 7/12/15
Ok I know it's not the greatest thing in the world but copy this url and paste it into your flash player. At least it'll get you going. http://ffrmania.com/engine/Velocity.swf
badman7772 writes...
at 5:29:39pm on 7/12/15
Try clearing your Internet Explorer Cache. If that doesn't work let me know.
Nega Master writes...
at 5:05:25pm on 5/12/15
My top 4: trixie, nightmare moon, rainbow dash, and applejack.
Nega Master writes...
at 10:41:27pm on 5/11/15
if u had a top 4 in mlp who wpuld u choose?
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