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\o/ solo rulz \o/
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Currently a Cégep (pre-university) student in Quebec (where cégep is necessary before university by the way), I love science and math and enjoy problem-solving, and am looking to go to university in some engineering program next semester.
Reading! I read lots of fantasy novels, it's so easy to get into. I also play Minecraft, Transformice, Guild Wars, and various other little casual games that pass the time. I'm also a casual brony, and stuff.
Fav Music:
I mostly enjoy Alter Bridge, Ra, Dream Theater, Pendulum, Lostprophets, and lots of stuff that resembles those. I also take some dubstep on the side from time to time (wubwubwub). However, when it comes to FFR, I prefer the Dance and Misc categories over the Rock one.
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Posted on: January 16, 2012, at 10:25:21pm   [1 comment]
yeah I made that, welcome to my profile if you got here because of it (3
We're pretty chill though, us two. We're like... SM rivals and stuff. Dope o7

On that note (and also to serve as a little update), I've been playing a lot of SM, both 4key and solo, because it's cool, yeah? I went ahead and downloaded a bunch of packs, ended up with over a thousand songs. Guess I had to expect that.
Anyway, took a little while to get used to the size of the window, I had to tinker with my noteskin to get the colors right (read: FFR style), and these strict timing windows are a little hard to get right, though I've been doing better. I'll be posting scores on the brag board in a short while, once I feel like it or get really awesome scores.

Besides that, I start up school again next week, on the 23rd. Boy do I look forward to that! It's my last term before heading out for University, crossing fingers for good grades! Plus my schedule is sweet, 4 days on 5 I start at 11 am or noon, yay for lazy mornings~ Though my complementary course is kinda sucky, I was hoping for Italian or something chill like that but I got a political debates course. Oh well, I guess I can do well in that too. In any case, at least I have cool stuff like organic chem and advanced calculus and robotics!
Posted on: January 8, 2012, at 01:02:54am   [1 comment]
Posted on: December 30, 2011, at 10:51:26pm   [1 comment]
My ear's pretty much healed now, so I can hear and all and I'm done with those ear drops, woohoo!

On another note, I was over to Ontario for 3 days and 2 nights, visiting my aunts and my grandparents. Much fun was had, I saw a movie with my brother (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and visited the Ontario Science Center. Also went on my first two airplane flights, to go and to return. The view from so high is impressive, especially with the rising sun illuminating the sea of clouds *_*

But on to the fun stuff, Christmas gifts! I got:
-A new keyboard (BETTER FFR)
-Inheritance (fourth Eragon book)
-Theories in 30 seconds (a science book)
-A digital multimeter (for electronic devices)
-A shirt (kinda plain though)
-A calendar (family tradition thing)
-A 25-piece magic square tile puzzle thing (it's actually really difficult)

Well that covers all I had on my mind. Cheers, and happy new year's day!
Posted on: December 23, 2011, at 12:57:28pm   [2 comments]
Rofl, ear problems (eczema in my right ear to be precise (yes, INSIDE my ear canal))

I'm half-deaf and playing is awkward as hell! As a matter of fact, anything involving sound and basically life in general sounds weird right now. The only thing I feel like doing is reading in silence. :/
Posted on: December 16, 2011, at 02:13:58am   [2 comments]
[This post shall document the beautification of my profile]

Dec. 16, 3:13 AM - Awwwright, placeholders.

Dec. 16, 12:21 PM - Alright, now we're getting somewhere. Got a avi-background correlation, plus nice transparent areas for the text on top of the images. Mmm.

Dec. 16, 9:55 PM - Colors and background bits! Don't need to be a pro for these kinds of things, as it turns out ^^ now I need better borders and text..

Dec. 17, 11:41 AM - Booorders! Text now, also more vectors maybe.

Dec. 18, 12:11 PM - DONE! How's this look?
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dAnceguy117 writes at 1:32:40am on 4/5/14
hyyyype to see you at AN! :D
samurai7694 writes at 11:31:33pm on 4/4/14
AN 2014 HYPE
TheThong writes at 8:09:57am on 3/29/14
No~ Wifi is fine too. YES GET IT PLEASE. :D Texting would be far more better! And yes, that's what I'm going for.
TheThong writes at 9:12:34am on 3/24/14
on your phone
TheThong writes at 9:12:20am on 3/24/14
Was just passing by. :p Do you happen to have "Whatsapp"? It's an app messaging system that uses data!
TheThong writes at 1:55:17am on 3/20/14
TheThong writes at 4:46:11am on 12/22/13

No. :( I applied for 8 graduate positions, and didn't get anything! There's still hope though. Graduate jobs don't stop being given out until next year April, I think. In the meantime, I'm still working at the restaurant and as a carer at a nursing home. Which is okay. I really want a job in the hospitals though. :( Haha! Yeah. I know. I didn't like being online on skype. I'd rather text/email or something. I've had the laptop for 5 years now, so it was kinda about time it died! XD It pretty much, got kicked off my bed from about a 30cm drop...and then it would never login and work properly again. xD SNOW. XD Is it pretty?? I wrapped all mine yesterday! Was pretty exhausting. I need to do last minute christmas shopping on Tuesday though. MERRY CHRISTMAS MARTIN!!!!!!!! :D
TheThong writes at 12:55:49am on 12/21/13
I GRADUATED. About 2 weeks ago now. Forgot to come back and tell you haha. My laptop is R.I.P. :( I'm currently borrowing the bf's laptop, so I don't actually have skype on there to talk. :| I'll login every now and then and comment. As per usual. Hope you have a good Christmas, Martin. C:
TheThong writes at 3:35:48am on 11/14/13
oh no. :( I miss you. I graduate in 2 weeks. Talk soon. <3
TheThong writes at 12:49:55am on 11/13/13