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darklordsephi writes...
at 3:05:07pm on 7/25/08
Hey! i know i havnt been on in an eternity... XD you probably will im sure XP
sephiroth646 writes...
at 12:44:33am on 6/23/08
this is so funny i remember when you use to come on to face me but you moved on to better games like that cabal well doe we still take to each other i gotta keep the clan alive doe its three members
sephiroth646 writes...
at 7:32:22am on 5/8/08
meow xd that would be the only time ill post something like this missing you already behold the power of cheese and crackers
sephiroth646 writes...
at 12:32:28am on 4/29/08
sephiroth646 writes...
at 12:32:02am on 4/29/08
my last pik to you before you kick my ass and all i remeber the last time i fought with you you left me in a room filled with tellytubbies lol just playing iam always think bout you
sephiroth646 writes...
at 12:05:54am on 4/29/08
i can't remeber the last time that i had pwn you it feels like it just happen yesterday but i want my rematch on guitar vs piano you got that 1 hey look at my shades
sephiroth646 writes...
at 11:44:00pm on 4/28/08
i missed you already
sephiroth646 writes...
at 10:51:05pm on 4/28/08
jus had to show of the tatt kool huh
sephiroth646 writes...
at 10:47:56pm on 4/28/08
4 a person that said she could own me in ffr has a lot of catching up to do senki senbosakura kageyoshi lol i been on my bleach did you see the manga sasuke won aganist itachi but they say that itachi intensions 4 sasuke were good hey check this out
i hate you writes...
at 1:29:37pm on 4/27/08
so i'll delete you XD
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