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About me:
Well, I'm just a girl who found about this site, made an account here with my sis, and got addicted to FFR. I also like making graphics. I made the layout for both me and my sis (sapphiremoon). check out her profile and tell me what ya think!
Surfing the web mainly, reading manga, watching anime, procrastinating, hanging out with and making new friends, making picture graphics using paint (the only program i have on my computer sadly...)
Fav Music:
Hm, I like almost every type of music except hard rock or screamos. My current favorite songs are usually the tops songs that they play over and over on the radios...until they play it WAYYYY too over and i just get bored with it.
Fav Movies:
Well, i always like some good comedy and chick flicks but not the cheesy or stupid funny ones. I LOve action movies tho. some of the movies I like are the Matrix Trilogy, Lord of the Rings series, the Bourne Identity Series, Live Free Die Hard, and many more that i cant think of right now.
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pina626 writes...
at 8:29:08pm on 12/11/09
i miss u =( I LOVE U XD hope ur doin okays <3
Ice_Dragon99 writes...
at 9:17:29pm on 7/16/09
i love your avatar and background ^.^
Frozen Beat writes...
at 8:39:04pm on 6/29/09
Danny[theguywhomademyprofile]'s gfx are sexier.
kevin123@yahoo.com writes...
at 9:27:53pm on 6/19/09
add me
Ria_Uchiha writes...
at 10:25:36pm on 5/24/09
np....lolz i really eanna learn how to do dat
MelodyOfOblivion99 writes...
at 11:27:08am on 3/11/09
I really like what you did to your profile! =D I kinda wish that I knew how to do things like this. Anyway, very nicely done!
Ria_Uchiha writes...
at 1:25:24pm on 12/31/08
yo your graphics are gangsta!...how do you do that?..that best i can do is photoshop here and there...and hack a lil but ur stuff iz friggn awesome!
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 8:43:58pm on 12/30/08
happy new years
saffron369 writes...
at 7:27:16pm on 10/15/08
im just nifty! so what manga do you read?!?! ;]
ice princess 1567 writes...
at 4:31:59pm on 9/17/08
how are u
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