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FFR Official #10
Posted on: October 5, 2014, at 02:25:41am

Might as well.
Current Division: D5

Round 1:
D1: AAA (SR)
D2: AAA (SR)
D3: AAA (SR)
D4: 2-0-0-1 -> AAA (3 attempts)
D5: AAA (45 attempts)
D6: 9-1-2-4 (10 attempts)
D7: 22-2-11-8 (4 attempts)

Thoughts on Charts/Songs: The jump from D2 to D3 felt quite noticeable tbh. The D4 song is hilarious...chart was fun too. D5 chart was a little rough for me...took me a little while to get rid of enough rust to do the JS in the beginning and a little grunt work to get the awkwardness in the 2nd half down. D6 and D7 file was fun to play...I felt like I could actually play them somewhat which is a good sign since we'll be playing difficult files if I continue to make it in D5. Till next time!

  1. How did you not miss flag