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return of rogue

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FFR Rank:11,125
FFR Average Rank:1,237
FFR Grandtotal Rank:2,043
FFR Grandtotal:3,793,567,600
FFR Games Played:17,537
FFR Veteran
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About me:
College Guy
Jesus Christ, Architecture, Running I suppose
Fav Music:
Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Disciple, Icon for Hire, Decyfer Down, Seventh Day Slumber, Anberlin, Hawk Nelson, Kutless, Lyndsey Stirling
Fav Movies:
Air Force One, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter Series, Lion King
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Gaming Region:USA - Great Lakes
Location:Southfield, Michigan, USA
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106 / 1786
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41 / 1500
Random Thoughts
Posted on: July 11, 2015, at 02:19:17pm   [0 comments]
New highest Full combo! Whooo Feel this remix
Posted on: July 8, 2015, at 03:39:52pm   [0 comments]
Too Tight has given me so much trouble for so long, but I have finally AAA'd all of the songs up through level 5. Now though Euphoria Antinomie is gonna give me trouble lol.
Posted on: July 4, 2015, at 07:11:41pm   [0 comments]
Eternity (11) was the one that did it.
Posted on: January 4, 2014, at 02:50:41pm   [0 comments]
All level ranks are now under 10,000 and my average rank is under 3000. Trying to get to 2109 so I will be on the top 1000 list. It'll be a while.
Posted on: December 29, 2013, at 10:13:30am   [0 comments]
That is all.
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KittenFaith writes at 4:33:14pm on 7/14/15
Thanks for the encouragement! :3
2EdgedVictory writes at 3:50:42pm on 7/8/15
I agree. Christian + gamer = perfect combination
Rapta writes at 8:39:19pm on 7/4/15
This man now has 100 AAA's.
2EdgedVictory writes at 12:03:38am on 6/7/15
I like the profile! I am also a Christian. Nice to see other Christians on here :)
SoFast writes at 1:39:30pm on 5/10/15
nice average rank
return of rogue writes at 5:39:27pm on 12/25/13
Veteran. That is all.
helloitstina writes at 7:08:59pm on 10/13/13
I'm getting better. I can almost play level 10 songs all the way though with hardly any boos.
return of rogue writes at 1:47:48pm on 1/13/13
Doing really good today. I am under 3500 overall rank with my next goal being 3000. I also got my 300th full combo today with my next goal set on 400. That will be a really long time from now.
return of rogue writes at 11:20:27pm on 1/12/13
2,000,000,000 points. Today I am now only 1 billion points away from the point requirement of veteranhood. Still a long way to go.
return of rogue writes at 6:26:58pm on 1/9/13
Average rank is now below 5000. New goal set for 4750.