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25 Years of age, Work out every day, MMA fighter, Art everyday, Business, Money
MMOS (Guild wars 2) | Family | FFR of course | Singing | Modeling
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Ariana Grande| Michael Bublé| The Eagles
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Horror| thriller| Comedy| Musicals
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SNOWLEGEND writes at 5:28:59pm on 8/25/17
yesh you are
reborn.1234 writes at 9:23:43am on 8/13/17
Wow Thanks guys appreciate the comments, I will be the best some day, I always keep saying that. And only been at this for 10 months or so. and this is the only rhythm game I have ever touched!
WSCB writes at 10:13:29am on 8/9/17
Hey, sorry time in multiplayer was so short! Didn't see that there was a disconnect. Best of luck moving forward if I don't see you around; I have all sorts of things to take care of today to prepare for the coming months!
Dinglesberry writes at 9:56:42am on 8/8/17
OMG HES D3 NOW owo they grow up so fast
Rapta writes at 10:09:18pm on 8/7/17
Nice job getting division 3 bro
reborn.1234 writes at 3:25:05pm on 7/21/17
join me in my game for free perks because I'm awesome
Dolletta writes at 6:32:17pm on 5/20/17
Hello hello! Lovely to play with you again.
SNOWLEGEND writes at 4:42:13pm on 3/22/17
dude thats awesome
freakeyes-NTG writes at 5:00:13am on 3/6/17
my network crashed :O
SNOWLEGEND writes at 9:32:48pm on 3/1/17
This is the first time i have seen your profile lawl...