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*-*-*Hi my name is Ashlee and i really liked the dance machiens so i found FFR! Now i play a lot in college. *-*-* I am also a DJ and i am known by the name of DeeJay A-core! Feel free to talk to me on msn if you want ... A_S_H_L_E_E@hotmail.co.uk
Makin music as a DJ!, Origami, Mountain Biking, Running, Girls (tricky things to understand =P) and finaly playing FFR! *-*-*(I ONLY LIKE THE STANDARD, TRICKY AND DIFFICULT SONGS!) *-*-*I play FFR with 2 hands and i enjoy a challenge. *-*-*
Fav Music:
Dance, Club, Trance, Drum 'n' Bass, Hardcore. HTID - Clubland - Dance Nation - Cream Fields !!!
Fav Movies:
Scream's, Rocky's, Happy Guilmore and Bad Boys.
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How To Contact Mee!!!
Posted on: November 16, 2006, at 04:30:19am   [0 comments]
My Bebo is:
http://DeeJay-Ac ore.bebo.com

My MSN is:
A_S_H_L_E_E@hotm ail.co.uk

My FFR account is:
http://www.flash flashrevolution.com/ profile/raver06/

(Please check out my songs on bebo!)

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Subwuffy writes...
at 6:08:23pm on 5/28/09
lol the pic in the middle of your banner is a psp wallpaper
{Kinzing-Your-Igriega} writes...
at 1:14:15pm on 11/20/08
I played you over a year and a half ago, hows it going?
Dominewyorican writes...
at 2:32:22pm on 11/5/07
thnx for the vote!
SammyWinchester writes...
at 7:41:28am on 8/27/07
How are you? :D
SammyWinchester writes...
at 10:30:44am on 8/3/07
Going good dude :D
SammyWinchester writes...
at 1:38:03pm on 7/30/07
They changed the date on when Supernatural third season comes on. Sometime in October. I think it's the 19th or 10th. I'm not sure. Besides, they are introducing two more females in the mix. Taking away the sex appeal of JUST guys in the show. That sucks to a core. Anyways
tyler911 writes...
at 12:57:39pm on 7/30/07
hey long time no see could you battle me again plz
smileybabe41 writes...
at 12:06:53pm on 7/28/07
thanks 4 the vote dude
cassieb writes...
at 3:09:56am on 7/28/07
well let's play again some time most def :D!
cassieb writes...
at 3:04:28am on 7/28/07
oh man I'm sorry it died!

it froze on me blah
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