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its about time I update this thing, as it has been blank for quite some time. =3 Well...anyways... my name's Carleigh..but I go under an aweful lot of nicknames, including Kari, Car Car ,Glaceon, Skittlez,Kari Mew and Car.My life, has been complete. I find myself taken by the most wonderful and perfect guy..Matt .....or as I call him, my Matty Moo. Along with meeting Matty, I have gained a crap load of friends, whom I wouldn't trade anything for. My life... is Perfect... Enough Said. I am still a kid at heart enjoying the little things in life, like playing Pokemon on my DS and spending quality time with the young ones around, as well as my pets. I love the outdoors, and chilled nights..they are so calming and perfect. I enjoy hearing the first sounds of a coming storm, and seeing the first robin of spring bouncing along the still frost covered grass. I am in total and complete love, with my soul mate and best friend. He and I met account of computer troubles, and it is where we had first began to bloom. It was when a good friend of his... I should say like a brother had to be emitted into the hospital, because of a concussion, was when all of what we had bottled up inside towards one another was released. Matty had stolen my heart and continues to this very day. I have never felt so happy and so care free, it's like everything that was a hardship was worth the stress because, it lead me to him =3. That Day... ..October 4th 2008.. will forever be cherished. I love going to the park, or just for a peaceful walk outside with the pups. Life, now is only a joy I have no troubles with who I am, and what I have become, I am proud of it all...proud of myself and thankful to my parents to have raised me to be this person I am today. . I love my family, I have two older brothers, Jason & Jeremy and my two parents, as well as my nieces. Taylor & Jaelin Close to my heart are also Michael and of course Fernando and Chris , whom I love as brothers. This is not c
To Roleplay Online. ♥ .Playing with my Pets ♥ , The Winter, Severe Weather, Hanging out with Friends, Drawing, Writing, Rainbow Coloured Stuff!<3, Being German!, Michael Kuss, My Master Charley, The Movie Twister, Anything and everything Disney!, Pokemon, Ps2, Gamecube, The Zelda Games! - Twilight Princess ♥ Nice people, Wolves, Canines, Imagination, Being Canadian, Feeling Loved; Belonging, Girls ♥ , Fluffy things, Fish- as in as Pets, Stickers, My Nieces, My Cat, My Life, Keeping it Green. Dislikes:One Liner Role plays. The Heat, Pansy thunder Showers, Drama, Ex Boyfriends;Girlfriends who are immature, Coffee, Monkeys, Bugs- Including Butterflies, Spiders, Hip hop, Homophobic/ Haters, Stereotypes, Those who judge others, before getting to know them, Global Warming, Melted Chocolate , Getting my hands dirty, Mud- Yuck!, Getting my Shoes Dirty, Roller Coasters, The Media, Being Sick, Death and Depression, Liars and cheaters, Being Alone, Work, Eating Fish, Competition, Fighting, Being Yelled At.
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RAMMSTEIN Disturbed, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Combichrist, Eisbrecher, Deichkind, KFMDM, Grendel, Steinkind, Straftanz, Subway to Sally, Depeche mode, Zombie Girl, Emigrate, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Papa Roach, System Of a down, Billy Talent, Green Day, The Offspring, Aerosmith, Mudvayne Slipknot, Evanescence, Adema, Game Soundtracks, Queen, Linkin Park.
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MetalMadness987 writes...
at 3:47:32pm on 9/29/11
Chillin' breathin' add my facebook
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:24:14am on 10/31/08
Oh yeah,Happy Holloween ^^
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:22:21am on 10/31/08
Yeah at times,it's kind of easy to make life fun yet hard at the same time
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 2:19:39pm on 10/30/08
a bit opposite,life is difficult lol
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 2:15:07pm on 10/30/08
Hows is life on your end?
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:14:08am on 10/30/08
lol In other words,you seem to be an awesome person
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 12:37:25pm on 10/29/08
haa,your About me seems real xD some people pose and stuff
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:41:36am on 10/29/08
np,i never would have guessed you were 19 lol
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:22:27am on 10/28/08
No prob.Nice pic by the way,you look adorable =)
mfdat phantom writes...
at 3:33:59pm on 10/27/08
ur welcome :)
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