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Why Do I suck at FFR!?
Posted on: September 15, 2007, at 08:21:03pm

Hmm...Funny thing is that i can Full Combo very difficult songs, Yet i can't AAA super easy ones!! What's wrong with me?! lol

  1. i have the same problem =(

  2. pa sucks.

  3. When I first started AAA-ing songs, it took a lot more concentration and consecutive tries than I expected.

    Just keep trying. =)

  4. i can AAA easy song but i dont like to do it bc it is stupid that i get one good like a ton......its bc you only play difficult songs but keep at it you'll do good lol <33333

  5. You don't suck. Its a phase, that I went through as well not even a year ago.

    You're getting good. I can see improvements already. Just give it some time, you'll be good

  6. ima the same way! i know how you fell!

  7. lol omfg same i have no aaa's haha lol

  8. ME TO

  9. i can figgen fc challengings but i can't even AAA pita lol pointlesss..

  10. I passed VERTEX BETA with 1 Miss and I can't AAA Spontaneous Hydroxide! Someone Help Me!

  11. yes.. frustrating isnt it? I just fc'ed a very challenging song and im still having trouble AAAing ez shit. I guess practice makes perfect =P