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Here Ray
Posted on: October 28, 2016, at 03:58:46pm

Have fun

  1. Oh neat, my own little area!

  2. Well it feels wonderful t h a n k s

  3. Now people can be like o_O at us

  4. But I don't care

  5. Let them

  6. *poke* hey hey you

  7. I got a big head, little arms!

  8. Laughing so hard my sombrero falls of and I drop my taco

  9. Purrito, Cheesepurrger, and Skippy Jon Jones

  10. Yes Please

  11. About to change my comment thought to: Kayla stole this thought

  12. Yeah it was.. well.. thanks for at least filling it and now it's yours so do as you please :)

  13. :O Purrito is in all of our hearts

  14. Aww why thank you of including me too :3 Love you too~

  15. hooray site speed

  16. Indeed...

  17. You're cute :3

  18. .09 away~

  19. Rao muug yd fryd fa ryja rana! Paah yfrema cehla E bucdat eh drec cu E zicd fyhdat du cyo raomu yht buga ouin pidd :3 Oui'na payidevim!

  20. Spoopy indeed! : )

  21. o_O at us

  22. i wish i had a spot to post to someone xD

  23. Happy 12 years here <3