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Posted on: October 9, 2016, at 10:26:36pm

Just randomly bored and not sure what I want to do at the moment (I have plenty I should be doing, oops). Curious to see if anyone ever comes by my profile so if you stopped in leave a comment here and I'll rng a credit prize for you.

  1. :O. I don't want a prize I just want your affection, senpai ;)

  2. I am indeed also bored.. Not creeping your profile reading about old FFR meet ups in jealousy or anything ;)

  3. Haha psycho I'm so sorry, she's probably like "fuck anyone post but Dingles, pls" ;D. Well on the bright side maybe it inspired you to do something you should be doing :p

  4. Omg I'm rich $_$ I can basically buy like, all the credit swag ;) honestly might have all the credit songs now maybe possibly perhaps, I'll have to check when I'm not asleep

  5. <3 (I don't need credits)

  6. Do something fun, like, beating the world record for the highest number counted to.

  7. I come by sometimes! :)

  8. Odd that i picked today to visit FFR, also I usually click on your profile name because of your special name in the forum. Oh look, free credits.

  9. hey there boo

  10. i like your profile design

  11. Howdy~

  12. Long time no see stranger!

  13. im a man. a man of wisdom and a man who NEEDS FUCKING CREDITS