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hey, my names Stanzie. im 18 and i live in ny. im a very girly girl and i love to have good time! When i was in 9th and 10th grade i won my schools Snowball princess. im not self centered even though many people think i am. if you wanna know more, just ask. im pretty open about everything. so yeah. bye lovelovelove
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what i like about guys
Posted on: April 20, 2007, at 05:31:25pm   [0 comments]
there are some things i love about guys.
-i love it when they call their parents mommy and Daddy

-I love it when they wear a certain perfume for a certain girl

-I love it when they try to hide it when they like someone but you can still tell

-I love it when they are shopping with their parents and they act like they dont know them

-I love it when they take you out for suprises but you know where they are gonna take you

-I love it when they try to keep a secret from you but they end up telling you anyway

-I love it when they get really excited over something so small

-I love it when they cry

-I love it when they flirt and they are not even trying

-I love it when they will offer to carry their girlfriends bags at the mall

-I love it when they open the car door for the woman they love

-I love it when they play stupid and act like they have no idea what we are talking about

-I love it when they call just to say i love you

-I love it when they try and make dinner but it comes out horrible but you still eat it

-I love it when they hold you in their arms

-I love it when they fall asleep on you.

I just love guys in general

i want a guy
Posted on: April 16, 2007, at 10:08:44pm   [0 comments]
i want a guy that will

-give me his sweatshirt when im cold

-slow dance with me even with out any music

-hold me in his arms for as long as i wish

-realize that i dont need to kiss him every 10 seconds to show that i love him

-suprise me with presents, even if it is just a card

-show up at my door step with a single rose when i least expect it

-sit with me and comfort me when im at my worst

-introduce me to his friends as his girlfriend and not just a girl

-Say he loves me and actually mean it.

-let me cry on his shoulder and not be bothered by it

-realize that i am not gonna be with him 24/7 and if my friends are in need of me that i will be with them

-know when its time to be with his buddies and for me to be with my girls

-call me beautiful, not hot

-not cheat on me

-not lie to me

-be loyal

-and just a guy that will make me feel perfect just the way i am

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theone_one writes...
at 11:10:09am on 10/8/09
no, i dont remember you lol
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 8:49:38pm on 9/15/09
yea things have been great!
high school sucks right now though lmao
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 5:34:03pm on 9/14/09
lol well how's life treatin ya?
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 11:13:42pm on 9/11/09
of course i remember ya! how ya been doin?
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 11:00:23pm on 5/16/08
datenshi-requiem writes...
at 12:15:35pm on 4/16/08
Yeah LOL it confuses me too
Thats why I use the arrows
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 7:41:01pm on 4/15/08
damn it was last friday im sorry i just got my computer setup cuz we moved and i haven't been on in forever im sorry i hope u had a good time witout me xDD no im only kidding im sure u had a wonderful time. with all the music and refreshments and boys who aren't me lol jk again
hmmm.... i wonder...
well ttyl ^^
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 7:38:22pm on 4/15/08
wait wait wait
prom? and im not ur date?
lol jk
im happy for....
i wonder if that was last friday i need to check the date. ok ill check da date then finish my comment xDD
REDRUm ALLIk writes...
at 1:31:35pm on 4/15/08
yay finally got my net setup whooo
now i can talk to you some more...
hmm... seems like a lot of pplz talk to ya now ^^
datenshi-requiem writes...
at 6:03:30pm on 4/14/08
I use the arrow keys actually.
I know people who play with the keys though.
Like the e, s d and f keys
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