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☆Call me whatever floats yer boat, pocky, pokii, poke-y. OR you can call me Ritsuka. But only people I know can call me that. LAWL. (●^ω^●)♪ ☆is pissed at the possibility that HRE is NOT Doitsu. C'mon, we're rooting for LudwigFeli here! D8<
☆Hogging the comp, using the comp, wondering why I keep changing this interest box thing. (ノ゜∀゜)ノ (゜´Д`゜)゜ EDIT: IS CURRENTLY WAITING FOR THE KOREAN MOVIE ADAPTION OF ANTIQUE BAKERY- WITH SUBS. LIVE ACTION, YO. is also waiting for the shitload of anime. maybe i'll weed out some which are to my liking?!
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Posted on: March 11, 2009, at 08:35:50am   [0 comments]
Long Hiatus. Am back now. Summer will be hell for me. Haa, am I the first to say that? XD

But yeah, it will be.

Posted on: December 4, 2008, at 03:45:45am   [1 comment]








Comment wall
ago196 writes...
at 10:46:30pm on 10/27/10
ago195 writes...
at 8:48:31pm on 8/23/09
hey, how have you been? i havent talked to you in a while.
Yola900 writes...
at 1:16:29pm on 4/24/09
wow im like never on anymore! maybe i died!
The_Halomaster writes...
at 4:13:12am on 4/3/09
Haha, it is confirmed, you are a typical girl xP
Girls are usually soo modest xP
It's all good I guess, but I don't think I'll put a smiley over mine :-P It'll ruin the Afro-samurainess =P
OTL? o.o
Obviously it plays here cos I'm in the UK =P
But I'm currently waiting for the second series!
I'm not sure how many ppl like it though o.o
I didn't read the originals, so I wouldn't know if this one is crappy or not =|
I love playing that song =D It's epiiiiiiiic.
The_Halomaster writes...
at 8:39:34am on 4/1/09
Ahh, if you're only getting rusty at FFR, maybe I can send you some FFR oil =P (OK, that wasn't that funny, but I didn't have much to work with xP)
Hmm, I must upload then one day xP
And Ha, it's not about what you look like generally, just as long as your costume is epic and you like your own gender, usually the opposite gender will love you anyway =D!
That's one thing I love about conventions, everyone loves everyone else for that one period of time =D
And wooo, sisterly love, its so warm ^_^
Hmmm, I see, well usually the conventions are mostly indoors and there a few outdoor events so it's all good =)
As for fake stuffz >.< I would be annoyed if I found those -_-
Ohhh, go here, is this what you mean? http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/levelstats.php?level=265
Ha, we need to exchange convention pics =D
The_Halomaster writes...
at 4:01:03pm on 3/25/09
Lolz, it's not what was surprising in summer, it's the fact that it was LIKE summer in spring time xD
We HARDLY get any sun and warmth o.O
And yessssssssssssssss!
I know about conventions! I saw someone cosplay as the master cheif (the main character in Halo if ya didn't know ;-))
I cosplay as Afro Samurai, maybe I'll upload some pics one day :-P
I've only been to two conventions and one was friggin awesome and the other one was terrible -_-
Should be going to one in August =)
Who do you cosplay as?
And nah, teh questions are finezorz ^_^
Yola900 writes...
at 4:10:44pm on 3/20/09
heya! wow ur bg it distracting! i wish i drew it! im been like uber busy!! ug!
The_Halomaster writes...
at 2:13:39am on 3/17/09
OHHHHHHHHHHH, so that's the name for it - yesh, when I was younger I received some and quite recently too ^_^
You had to say Happy New Year in Chinese I think . . .
And hmmm, ok, maybe you ARE a bit shorter than me =P
And Shakespearian English xD
Aww man, that's annoyingzorz - I wouldn't mind being posh, but speaking like you were living 700 or so years ago =P
tis but a fabulous language wouldn't you agree m'lday? =P
Hmmm, I like this profile background better ^_^
Peace =)
The_Halomaster writes...
at 10:50:46am on 3/13/09
Erm, you're not really standing up so I can't tell xD
But you're probably taller than me - I'm rather short for a boy xD
Ha, you will never be forgotten...OK maybe in one million, seven hundred and sixty five thousand four hundred and thirty three years (1765433) years =]
I do, but not as much because she's hardly on now o.o
Studying and stuff, I understand, it's all good :-D
I don't think I've ever heard of fukien and hokkien O.O
What's ampaw =Z
And lol, macho potato you know xP
Peace ^_^
The_Halomaster writes...
at 9:25:33am on 3/12/09
But first - This background is annoyingzorz >.<
For tunately, if I press CTRL+A, it doesn't look as bad ^_^
And where did you wanna go to study, America?
Nope, we didn't have Flipino, but we did have French, Latin and now Chinese (Manderine, I think...)
And at least you got accepted into something - well done you! =]
Yeah well, I think I'm going to officially say that yhoo only get good at FFR if yhoo WHORE the game -_-
Also, nyuuu, don't kill me ^_^ I can't say if you look like a child or not because your face is cartoonized ^_^, so I'll say you look like an anime-child, in which case you could more or less be any age acording to Japanese drawingz xD
Erm, it's all good down here, I'm almost finished everything, and once that's done I will feel much better than I do now....
So yeahhh ^_^ Peace =)
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