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Kelly.17.peruvian.music.ffr.very open minded. no se que mas?!?! ^_^ maybe i'll add more to it someother day
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Aventos writes at 1:57:59pm on 2/9/12
Thanks for the vote :)
Aventos writes at 7:18:02pm on 3/27/11
Hey nice hair and beautiful eyes! Love em' hit me up sometime! =D
SD_dk writes at 6:17:38pm on 6/13/09
oo sorry for the late reply..well yea..i've been good just dealin with some problems..people be talkin poop behind my back..so yea..jsut dealin with that...
well yea..anyways wat about you..how ya been..hope things are good for you.
ADK_9705 writes at 5:01:55am on 5/27/09
SD_dk writes at 1:52:47pm on 5/24/09
hey =] how ya been.
Darth Pegolous writes at 5:13:18pm on 5/9/09
hiya!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!!!! =p (bored)
Hirrho writes at 3:29:39am on 5/6/09
Smiley face!
Hope i'm not being to forwardy but do you have myspace or twiter etc...
Hirrho writes at 3:47:35am on 5/5/09
Thankyou so much for all of your help!Your a rely nice person , Mind if i Befriend you?
oh btw your not a nerd ^_^ your just nerdy haha jkjk everyones a lil bit nerdy o.o
Yamaru writes at 5:40:39pm on 4/29/09
Hey there how are you? Thanks for visiting my profile. (^_^) how has your day been for you? You are cute. nice picture. what do you like to do besides play ffr? YOu look good at FFR... You have more tokens, but I never play much could be the reason. I have played like 20 games and did horrible on all of them. so I stick with DDR. Because I can dance better I guess DDR is one of my favorite games.
ADK_9705 writes at 5:05:38am on 4/29/09