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Secks69 writes...
at 7:01:19pm on 6/10/11
and offensive to Christians, the heck you thinking bruh bruh
Secks69 writes...
at 7:00:58pm on 6/10/11
your avi's disturbing
Secks69 writes...
at 7:00:48pm on 6/10/11
also, penis
Secks69 writes...
at 7:00:42pm on 6/10/11
fuck you
fido123 writes...
at 5:22:52pm on 6/10/11
Your last comment has actually turned caused me to think differently of you. The way Dorby comes off at least (And your attitude mixed with being Dorby's friend has lead me to a similar assumption of you) causes me to believe he actually think's he's better than everybody or is just a fairly decent troll (which is fine unless it's excessive) which either way is kinda annoying. I agree being a douche is half the fun of the internet though, I'm currently sending hilarious PMs back and forth with Mans0n. Also my posts in that programming thread were what I thought were obvious attempts at trolling you I made while high as fuk. I agree with you on every point, I'm pretty much a stereotypical GNUfag.
fido123 writes...
at 3:35:03pm on 6/9/11
Oh, didn't know you were the one who made that thread. TBH I personally think the kind of e-douchebaggery you and your friend Dorby partake in is pretty gay. Also pointing out spelling mistakes involving one incorrect character makes you look more intelligent.
fido123 writes...
at 3:12:00pm on 6/8/11
What was that link you sent me? I got a blank page with a bunch of Javascript I don't feel like figuring out but I'm kinda suspicious about...Btw I 100% agree with your views on programming I was just being an idiot. Also where's that second quote pulled from cause the last time I think I said that to somebody was Phynx.
eastsideman09 writes...
at 8:57:21pm on 4/25/11
DJMAYYYNE writes...
at 4:15:20pm on 4/21/11
Dorby writes...
at 9:18:10pm on 1/8/11
Cool pic bro
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