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Hihi i'm 17 years of age and i um... i don't know... -_- -__- -___- -____-
Reading, ffr, friends, computer, peta, video games, environment, yes i know im a nerd
Fav Music:
Everything :)
Fav Movies:
Violent ones are nice
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Kesshutsu writes...
at 2:32:37pm on 4/6/11
Kasu_404 writes...
at 4:00:24pm on 2/15/09
np :]
Kasu_404 writes...
at 11:55:34am on 2/15/09
:o cool avatar
RB_Mapleleaf2102 writes...
at 2:58:04pm on 2/3/09
cool profile. =)
L e e writes...
at 7:45:21pm on 2/1/09
yeah well thats the daily life of me^^
L e e writes...
at 7:32:46pm on 2/1/09
im am so seriously annoyed>< my mom wont leave me alone
L e e writes...
at 7:25:50pm on 2/1/09
thnks i like yours too....well how are you XD
Mr.TalenT.rM writes...
at 5:38:44pm on 2/1/09
haha thanks. I guess i will keep it like this for now.
Sgtzombie. writes...
at 4:57:57pm on 2/1/09
No, you really don't want to live in Britain.
Mr.TalenT.rM writes...
at 2:44:49pm on 2/1/09
hehe, i like to switch my stuff up alot. But i'm just trying to find something i will keep :D
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