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Hi people, my name is Kaley and Im in 5th grade, and im also mexican (no im not from mexico!!).I like possums, oreos, games and electronics alot.i am 10 years old and I have a older brother who plays ffr, his name is sheckler, his real name is Keith. Its real emberassing that hes my brother.I live somewhere in MI.You gotta problem with any of that, foo!?!? :P
Playing my laptop, gameboy DS, playstation 2, going over friends houses, going swimming over my neighbors and playing with their dog, playing my new mp4 player, and going to parties!
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rap, hip hop, rock, and more.
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Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynomite, Shallow Hal, Wild Hogs, the waterboy, Big, Click, and a movie I made called "kill your older ffr playing brother sheckler"
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Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene
Posted on: April 21, 2007, at 07:03:32pm   [0 comments]

yo yo yo im kaley_the_elf add meee

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Brilliant Dynamite Neon writes...
at 7:19:55am on 9/25/07
haha your bann
~ninja~ writes...
at 8:51:05pm on 9/21/07
haha your bann
CC XcrossX writes...
at 5:15:17am on 8/17/07
what do u need to me im president.casper
anzolr writes...
at 5:07:43pm on 7/2/07
haleybucs writes...
at 4:48:20pm on 6/16/07
how did u get baned
haleybucs writes...
at 4:46:46pm on 6/16/07
i cant send u message
~ninja~ writes...
at 7:19:45pm on 6/14/07
Was up how have u been. I have the latest codes and cheaats if u want
jespin writes...
at 2:12:18pm on 6/14/07
hey whats up?
siberiantiger writes...
at 9:17:16am on 6/14/07
hey sorry you were banned
jespin writes...
at 5:53:59pm on 5/29/07
hey whats up? can i add u as a buddy?
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