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I like to dance dub-step or robotics.I really like to listen to music such as : Rap,Dance,dub-step,and Flash flash revolutions METAL songs.I'm Shortboyownz little brother.He showed me this game 6 and a half years ago and i still play it.My birthday is in November 14 :). I hope I get good like my brother.
Dancing, Robotics, Popping, Dub-step,Call of Duty series,spawn trapping,FFR, and Facebook, Instagram,Listening to music,Talking with friends.
Fav Music:
Rap,Dance,Dubstep,Techno,Popping,FFR Metal
Fav Movies:
Rush Hour 1,2,&3 Plus,100 More :D
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oPoTeNTiaL-x writes...
at 9:27:00pm on 11/16/13
Ayee Sprite- can I ask you something you'll be amazed of who I really am :)
PrawnSkunk writes...
at 8:29:43pm on 11/16/13
First person to post on your wall.