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I somewhat recently got into anime (to a degree) I'm pretty good at FFR and other games of the sort (o2mania songs up to lvl 25, Guitar hero beat on expert). I don't play FFR cause when you play on the website you can beat any song no matter how hard it is with slightly accurate button mashing. I also play PS3 a lot; COD4, SR2, Resistance 2, NHL09. I like hockey and football and cars as well.
well i'm not interested in boxes that ask you your interests cause i always combine my interests with "about me" cause i pretty much find them to be the same thing >>;
Fav Music:
Mostly random songs created by random ppl who make songs for stepmania, o2mania and FFR. For well known ppl i could say i like Linkin Park, Armin van Buuren, DJ Tiesto, and Ludacris
Fav Movies:
Too many yet i don't watch many movies...hmm pretty much any movie i watch instantly becomes a favorite lol thats prob why theres too many
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CynicalSatire writes...
at 12:10:33am on 1/2/09
yes i am fat tyvm
TheNamesH writes...
at 11:59:40pm on 9/8/08
EPIC fail guy
TheNamesH writes...
at 9:33:15pm on 9/5/08
TheNamesH writes...
at 6:24:25pm on 9/4/08
TheNamesH writes...
at 8:56:43am on 8/28/08
oooh cod4 on XBOX360 and Guitar hero 2 on the ps2
TheNamesH writes...
at 8:54:47am on 8/28/08
nope it was a total random word.... it was toaster
TheNamesH writes...
at 1:50:20am on 8/28/08
yeh i kinda says use stepmania in my first comment but what ever tell me what you got if you ever finish it
TheNamesH writes...
at 1:10:15am on 8/28/08
and whats the point of pressing 60 buttons in two seconds when you need to press 4 buttons 60 times in two seconds
TheNamesH writes...
at 11:11:38pm on 8/27/08
the thing is i got an A doing this song its possible to it those notes that actually go to the fast part in the background of the song...you just have to mash really fast
Synthlight writes...
at 3:33:42pm on 6/9/07
First person to post on your wall.