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Zageron writes...
at 10:08:47pm on 11/3/07
Hey there. I'm hosting a One Handers Tounrmanemt for the 3rd time, and we need donations badly. It's automatic for myself to target the top 50 players. :P So if your feeling nice please donate some of your credits to our competition! ^^
Fill out your PM as follows:
Title: [Advanced] Donation: Username
Body: Total credits.
s0ulst0n3 writes...
at 7:33:46am on 6/12/07
Lol alright. SM doesn't really make you good at FFR though, keep in mind. =]

Alright, I'll cya around! xD
s0ulst0n3 writes...
at 7:25:26am on 6/11/07
Watch out...I'm gonna pass you soon! I'm a whore ^.^

Battle of the youngest 2 accounts under rank 25 xD
Jayden1212 writes...
at 12:06:26pm on 6/9/07
can u tell me where you found all of your tokens
ledwix writes...
at 9:41:15pm on 5/30/07
good luck against me in the tournament ^__^
ledwix writes...
at 12:45:51am on 5/25/07
you're going to pass me very soon. do it
smartdude1212 writes...
at 4:21:57pm on 5/13/07
lol I passed you
Hakulyte writes...
at 3:00:46pm on 4/23/07
Yeah but it was a competition with points.
I'll go slower now. heh
I actually believe that you will pass me again in few days. =)
Hakulyte writes...
at 8:37:25pm on 4/22/07
Just wanted to tell you that you go up in overall rank at a ridiculous rate and that you might pass everyone if you keep going like that. =)
nitmachine writes...
at 8:12:45pm on 4/13/07
I'd just like to point out that the poster below me is fucking retarded
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