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Hiya ^,.,^... Call me whatever you would like... I really don't care what people think of me... I miss a few people dearly right now... I type random periods... It doesn't mean anything... Its hard for me to make friends... People tend to not know what gender I am... If it helps I'll keep it that way... I'm taken by the most amazing boy ever... I play this game with one hand... So I blame it for the reason I suck at this game... The best person you WILL meet on here is Bek... So hit her up anytime... The Used are my heros... and Bert is my idol... If you hate them then you will possibly hate me... Oh yeah...I'm bi so if your homophobic... Well that would just suck for you ^..^... I'm straight forward so if you have any questions... feel free to ask and prepare to get an honest answer ...
drawing, music, and all the crazi shit in life
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rock, emo, streamo, country, techno, acoustic, (( The Used are my heros in life ))
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I miss this band
Posted on: June 12, 2008, at 03:23:39am   [0 comments]

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JelloJade. writes...
at 5:04:09pm on 7/18/11
I don't know if you remember me, but I MISS YOU:(
JelloJade. writes...
at 4:09:28pm on 4/21/09
oii :) <3
CHEMICAL:bek:TERROR writes...
at 3:39:07am on 3/26/09
Yo, you ok?
Haven't been on here in a while, don't really have the time anymore, always out with mates or doing work :(.
You been up to much?
JelloJade. writes...
at 4:04:29pm on 3/6/09
Haha, gosh i dont might right now :P
is been 3 weeks :D yay.
aww, if you do wanna talk about it though, you can always talk to me :) i'll always be here for you
i hpe you're okay though... dont go doing something stupid ._. </3
Just come and live with me :D
JelloJade. writes...
at 11:42:20am on 2/23/09
haha. yeah, but this time i actually think she's the one. she wants me to move in with her after 1 week and 4 days of being together xD i might do.
yeahh sure :D here's my myspace:
^_^ aww, whats up?
its bad to drink, asif you didnt already know that but still
CHEMICAL:bek:TERROR writes...
at 8:35:56am on 2/23/09
thank god your back, missed you <3
That pic was great! Can't believe you kept it!
So how come you've been away for soooooooo long?
Suzii1 writes...
at 8:16:12pm on 2/22/09
Austin....Texas? Or Austin Australia?? No I'm jokinggg hahah x) LOL. I've got dry humour. This is my favorite band. http://www.purevolume.com/showmetheskyline This kid is amazing.
Suzii1 writes...
at 8:44:20am on 2/22/09
:o Cool. Lol. sooooooooooo idk what to sayy. what's your favorite band?
Suzii1 writes...
at 5:21:02pm on 2/21/09
I'm great, LOL some kids trash talking me. It's fun to see what they have to say, Considering I am not fat or ugly, most of what she said was a lie (: hahah. I'd be fat if she's anorexic. I'd be ugly if she's blind xP no i'm not conceded either. Lol Whatcha up to? btw - I like your hairrr (: and your eyes.
JelloJade. writes...
at 2:47:04pm on 2/21/09
ive been good, i have a new girlfriend :)
how about you?
dont ever leave for that long again, k?
k. :]
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