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Ctrl+R steps suck guys. all the noobs who can't take criticism, keep 1-bombing me? It's useful because then I actually know better how many 10's people have voted. To address the more legitimate complaints: If you hate my simfiles because you play KB and I make Pad, use a jump mod or something. If you think it's off-sync, try it in StepMania, which is likely much more accurate in offset than Resonance, especially in Vista. And if the ZIP archive is corrupted, yell at FFR to figure out why it keeps happening (or visit my blog for mirror). btw, visit ggkthx.org and their emo Orange-kun + Schneizel blog lol.
NOTE: The simfiles uploaded here at FFR before Bleach 8th OP and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 1st ED are likely outdated. Get updated, better simfiles at my WordPress blog.
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kk120 writes...
at 3:29:58pm on 9/2/09
dude i am such a fan of your simfiles files great work
EvolutionFreak14 writes...
at 11:01:36pm on 8/8/09
hi umm, after listening to ur D.Gray-man sims i checked out the anime and i think its really cool
MV_Kingslayer writes...
at 6:14:10pm on 6/26/09
MJ Tribute will be made by MVL check random thoughts for more details
xxccjxx writes...
at 11:14:07pm on 4/23/09
Hey man, I heard you're working on Namida No Mukou from G00 and Continued Story from Code Geass. When will they be released? Will it be anytime soon or near future?
EvolutionFreak14 writes...
at 8:46:41pm on 4/8/09
people should stop complaining about your sims cause their really good
f13nd writes...
at 11:57:44am on 1/25/09
Hey can you please make a sim file for the new gundam 00 opening in season 2 its called Namida no Mukou and you gotta make one PLEASE!!! here's a youtube link 2 the song http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=7-JcPoSoNnw
otaku_N64 writes...
at 10:48:41pm on 1/2/09
yeah that's what i usually do. and i love your simfiles. they're all great! since you usually do anime themes.... could you find the full version of ike ike and make steps for them? i would myself, but i'm horrible at making steps for songs. i don't have the patience to do them. you don't have too if you don't want to though.
testarossa_1992 writes...
at 12:34:00am on 11/7/08
hi.can i know ur blog's website?i want to download some songs with video
EtherCloud writes...
at 10:47:56pm on 10/1/08
heres something cute i found yesterday its funny
EtherCloud writes...
at 10:47:04pm on 10/1/08
i like your simfiles they are good for the pad
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