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Posted on: May 30, 2007, at 07:11:58pm   [0 comments]
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VamphunterD writes at 12:15:25pm on 11/24/09
hey you
raskanally writes at 7:03:17am on 3/28/08
nope...i babbysit gianna, and call places daily...but other then that...i dont have a lot to do here yet...so i guess...i play GH3 and Rainbow Six Vegas online
raskanally writes at 12:39:22am on 3/16/08
lol...didnt happen....job hunting now, so i can help pay bills here
raskanally writes at 11:40:09am on 3/11/08
yes indeed...long time no hear...im doing pretty good....job hunting isnt going so well...but its a blast out here....and things are closer....hope everything with you is also going well...hows school and such?
VamphunterD writes at 10:53:12am on 11/24/07
ello govna!!! haha
VamphunterD writes at 11:49:13am on 11/1/07
hi lol
VamphunterD writes at 5:00:43pm on 9/20/07
nm...chillaxin and wat not, busy with homecoming stuff lol ...hows life?
luvsxlastxvictim writes at 11:03:45pm on 9/18/07
VamphunterD writes at 7:38:23pm on 9/18/07
good lol and u?
VamphunterD writes at 4:24:48pm on 9/17/07