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I was musical_vampire 2 years ago and I'm finally back! ;D
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potter_rocks_out_loud writes...
at 6:14:47pm on 4/12/11
Your profile, is by far. ONE OF THE BEST !
Wartime writes...
at 5:44:49am on 3/9/11
Andiana writes...
at 9:15:47pm on 3/8/11
Cray_Hoshigashi writes...
at 7:35:54pm on 3/5/11
I totally forgot your name.
BUT I REMEMBER YOU. <3333333333333!
Panic4Me writes...
at 9:12:36am on 3/5/11
Woo! You'd be surprised who I remember haha. I actually went back to your old profile (I think it was maybe last week) to see if you had come back with the revival. I think I'm the same way haha, all grown up but still the weird ol' me. Some things have changed for the better. :]
Momoko_Katsura writes...
at 4:18:37am on 3/5/11
Remade account?
OMG OMG OMG youre back yay :D
Ferret Frenzyyy writes...
at 1:10:12am on 3/5/11
OMG!!! Shes back! i have seriously been missing you! I would always ask around, "where did Katie disappear to?"
But now youre back!
kckagawa writes...
at 1:10:09am on 3/5/11
welcome!! :*
nois-or-e writes...
at 11:57:28pm on 3/4/11
lol, bam!! God I look young in that pic :x
Squirtle x3 writes...
at 11:55:56pm on 3/4/11
Love it <3
Hahaha, i'm glad. I still think you are awesome .
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