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I'm not really anything special. Just a boring man with a boring life mostly. But hey if you decide to stop by and want to chat then go right ahead. I enjoy chatting with people
Making people hate me without even trying apparently
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Pretty much everything but country
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kiki_124 writes at 6:35:18pm on 12/8/19
by the way i pm'd you my discord name. Lol dont want other people seeing that and adding me.
kiki_124 writes at 6:33:42pm on 12/8/19
I read it all I promise you. I just didnt want other people reading that if people still come on here haha. But anyways im sorry about all those back stabbing friends just know i have been here since day one. If you wouldnt have forgotten about me im pretty sure we would be closer then ever but i understand completely. I forgot to come on FFR too so you arent the only one to blame. well I have a son.. dont know if you knew but i do now. he just turned 5 dec 3rd.. My life hasnt really been that great just lost a lot of friends and family this year and it sucks. But other then that i am great. I play runescape I also have discord so if you want to keep in touch we can talk there. But its totally up to you. I dont want to push you into something you dont want to do. But all i do know is ive always been here for you even after all these years of depression. I didnt go anywhere. You are still a good friend to me.
kiki_124 writes at 7:06:01pm on 12/7/19
i hope things are good with you.. but you really need to tell me whats been going on in your life.. even if its a page long.. and ill do the same. because theres been a lot going on in my life.
kiki_124 writes at 5:18:39pm on 12/4/19
Ive been good haha. Its been awhile.. Still playing my runescape lmao
kiki_124 writes at 7:42:38pm on 11/30/19
Omg!! Your alive! I sure do miss you!
kiki_124 writes at 2:56:40am on 11/15/16
Heyyyy!! I miss you!! I hope you get back on soon!!
kiki_124 writes at 9:31:17am on 9/1/15
Its all good and ive been good how about you?
Mrowmrew writes at 8:25:43pm on 8/27/14
League of Legends?
kiki_124 writes at 11:32:51am on 7/30/14
Hey! I know i havent been on lately.. I work all the time and never have time to come on here or skype. /: im sorry. But how are you? Hows life?
kiki_124 writes at 3:33:09pm on 9/3/13
Well I got it running. Im on greymane realm sooo c;