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AIM : th3r3port3r MSN : nhickle@hotmail.com If ya message me, just let me know you got this from my profile....
WoW : Gorefiend - Mcballyhoo (main) : Staghelm - Switchblades (main). Other characters, but those are the main foci. Team Fortress 2 : AdmiralHuffington, with such in-game names as General Fussinfeathers, Colonel Loginator, Sergeant Skigiglywiguts, and The Hamburglar (I just keep on adding.)
Fav Music:
Pretty much anything, but there's nothing better than some good Trance / Techno / Rave music. Robert Miles and Scooter come to mind. Oh, and this song : http://media.worldofwarcraft.com/music/Rogues%20Do%20It%20From%20Behind.zip
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Contact me with this email failuv_odily@yahoo.co.uk
Hello Greetings,
My name is Faith, I saw your profile today and became interested in you, i will also like to know you more, and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am. Here is my email address (failuv_odily@yahoo.co.uk) believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.Remember the distance, color or language does not matter but love matters allot in life, Bye for now
Faith. (failuv_odily@yahoo.co.uk)
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Duster-Man2288 writes...
at 7:56:50pm on 9/8/07
I like super smash to!
AK_Parker writes...
at 1:10:41pm on 7/8/07
Just a reminder that the Unoffical Tournament of Wierd Tasks Round 2 ends on Tomorrow at 9:00PM EST
AOD_ELEMENT writes...
at 2:34:01pm on 7/3/07
u have to send in a AAA on thinking different to pass to the next round on fractal monkey's tournament
AK_Parker writes...
at 1:17:34pm on 7/1/07
Just a reminder that the Unoffical Tournament of Wierd Tasks Round 1 ends on July 4th at 9:00PM EST
Liquid3arth writes...
at 5:50:36am on 5/4/07
thanks so much! i added you as a buddy you can add me if u want
Calico_1 writes...
at 1:15:22pm on 4/6/07
Your avatar looks like something the cat dragged in
Calico_1 writes...
at 1:15:11pm on 4/6/07
Got milk?
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