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Posted on: May 10, 2012, at 03:32:01am   [2 comments]
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ca25nada writes at 5:16:14pm on 12/17/11
I'm averaging 30goods on higan right now and I don't think I can SDG it anytime soon lol....
Thanks for the encouragement though
Divinefury writes at 7:29:16pm on 12/16/11
my name in jubeat is CHINABOI. started in copious, so i just entered a random name =/ i have a better play of sweet rain than that video btw
Divinefury writes at 6:15:21am on 12/13/11
yeah, been here for quite some time. nice tier points =/
ca25nada writes at 5:19:25am on 12/6/11
I didn't know you were here either until I came across one of your FFR vid lol
djnightmare9 writes at 11:42:37am on 9/9/11
So much tokens T_T
EzExZeRo7497 writes at 10:03:29am on 9/4/11
oh ok