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About me:
-My name is Elijah...<br> -I'm 21 yrs. old... <br> -Like 2 sk8teboard...chat .. & kick it da hommies...!<br> -Like to Street Race & watch Most Da Time<br> -My B-day is 11.25.85 Some times i act like a little kid<br> -Play video games...& fix on cars...<br> -Sometimes i maybe shy for like a lil while while im talking 2 a person especially girls jux bcuz im like to get to kno them & their personality<br> ~Im a easy person to talk 2 & i care about people so much no matter wut they done or do to meeh!<br> ~i like to go out places now..un like b4 i use 2 jux stay home & put up with being bored..! But now that i have my lisence im alwayz out& i have a job so i have money 2 spend wen i go out...! ^_^ ~The people i would like 2 meeh are people who dun care how u act or wut type of person u are...<br> ~I would also like to meet a girl who has a good personality & easy to talk 2..who understands me for me & like to have fun,make me laugh & cares alot about people she love and jux her personality..!(basically)!
* Girls<br> * Basket Ball<br> * Foot Ball<br> * Skate Boarding<br> * Fixing Cars <br> * Street Racing<br> * Games <br> * Chatting Online <br> * Going To Parties<br> * Hanging Out With Friends<br>
Fav Music:
- Rock<br> - Love Songs<br> - Trance<br> - Rap<br> - Hip-Hop<br> - R&B <br> * Basically Anything that Sounds Good Except Country !!!
Fav Movies:
Grease <br> Grease 2 <br> Fast & Furious 1,2,& 3<br> Band Camp<br> Gone In 60 Sec.<br> Last Samurai<br> Cinderella Man<br> & Many More...<br>
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bananaboat5 writes...
at 2:37:26pm on 12/5/07
not bad, i might have a snow day tomorrow :] u?
Maia_Gansta_Nerd123 writes...
at 4:01:19pm on 12/3/07
nuthin and nuthin
Maia_Gansta_Nerd123 writes...
at 3:54:23pm on 12/3/07
goodddddddd uuuu
Maia_Gansta_Nerd123 writes...
at 3:52:23pm on 12/3/07
who are uuuuuu
bananaboat5 writes...
at 5:09:22pm on 9/4/07
i like ur default picture
Synthlight writes...
at 10:42:25pm on 10/5/05
First person to post on your wall.