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June FC Achievements
Posted on: June 7, 2012, at 08:06:30am   [0 comments]
- Wish (Kyrn Remix)
- H.T.I.J.
- Break Your Neck
- Memories [KURi-ZiLL]
- Parachute (stupid clowns)
- Expedite
- beer(party)tune

New difficulty levels
Posted on: June 5, 2012, at 02:42:39am   [3 comments]
WHAT IN THE WORLD?! :O LOL. I'm too used to the old way, it's so unorganized now hhaha

May FC Achievements
Posted on: May 29, 2012, at 05:25:25am   [0 comments]
Made over 60 FCs this month! wooo.

a few FCs I made:

- Kick it (7)
- Electric Obsession (7)
- Mario Eurobeat (7)
- Hungarian Dance #5 (7)
- Honolulu (6)
- Read the Mind (6)
- Maintenance Bot (6)

Posted on: May 26, 2012, at 02:25:41am   [2 comments]
been so busy with summer school, that I didn't have time to play!! I just finished my first exam.. you know what that means.. FFR RAMPAAAAGE! ahaha here we goo

Profile pic
Posted on: May 9, 2012, at 03:38:24am   [1 comment]
I think I'm gonna change em for every 100 FC I make lol. Just changed em in honor of my last 100 FCs LOL.


Comment wall
Sidek writes...
at 3:56:27pm on 6/15/12
i getted the oni token lol
Helixia writes...
at 5:15:16am on 6/12/12
Summer school at night that suck...
Till end June/ begin July i go on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to school. So after that time we can play together more when you are free ;).
awsme8o8reaper writes...
at 4:41:54am on 6/12/12
haha remember when i said i play 8s well according to the new levels i play 30s ......hahah yehhhhh.....
Helixia writes...
at 3:59:50pm on 6/11/12
Hey Liewser,
I wondered till when do you have summer school?
Sorry i don't know anything about summer schools... XD
Ukrainian4Life writes...
at 9:30:45am on 6/11/12
OHHHHHHHHHHHH Snap. Well that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Haha. ^.^
Sidek writes...
at 8:32:07pm on 6/10/12
i have the same skill to that guy :P but i dont play this game much i still prefering stepmania to train in really hard songs :))
Ukrainian4Life writes...
at 12:25:45pm on 6/8/12
Sure thing! But why are you calling everyone a loser in your profile pic? :c
Just interesting to me. :P
Helixia writes...
at 2:04:46am on 6/8/12
No. Unfortunate i have internship today :S and next week is the last week of my internship.
About 2 weeks i have friday free in my schoolweeks which i then have :D.
mellybear! writes...
at 11:53:18pm on 6/7/12
you're welcome !! thanks for one back (:
Sidek writes...
at 10:59:21pm on 6/7/12
MY Inspiration :P
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