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In Flames - Come Clarity
Posted on: October 28, 2011, at 11:16:44am   [2 comments]

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subin writes...
at 6:36:33am on 11/6/11
There's nothing stopping you ;)
subin writes...
at 4:55:01am on 11/6/11
Hey :) Always good to see new people on the site. I can see you're head to head against Ashley as well!
Ashley Pearson writes...
at 12:54:32pm on 10/30/11
Hehe, I spent the weekend with my girlfriend instead of playing and now your kicking my arse on score! :( :P
Schweinekaramell writes...
at 2:17:51pm on 10/28/11
thx :D
Reknarock writes...
at 11:53:28am on 10/28/11
nice ;D
noch einer mehr :p
Schweinekaramell writes...
at 2:38:41am on 10/28/11
n schickes profil haste da :D
Ashley Pearson writes...
at 6:48:14am on 10/27/11
Wow nice one, you must be really good at it then. Did you ever play Unreal Tournament 3? The graphics were really good but it just didnt feel the same as the classics.
Ashley Pearson writes...
at 6:39:27am on 10/27/11
PS - I love UT2004. :) Havent played it in so long.
Ashley Pearson writes...
at 6:38:42am on 10/27/11
Awesome! Should be interesting! Please note Ive never played this before! haha :D
Ashley Pearson writes...
at 6:30:45am on 10/27/11
Hey there, how are you? Me and you have joined around the same time and have similar scores. Wanna compete and see who can get 100 million first? :) Just makes things a bit fun.
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